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ABC's Of 'The Fault In Our Stars

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katie cox

on 21 September 2014

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Transcript of ABC's Of 'The Fault In Our Stars

The ABC's of 'The Fault In Our Stars.'
Written By John Green

Augustus Waters - The charming male protagonist in this novel, also a victim of cancer. Augustus and Hazel meet at their cancer support group and begin to grow a relationship from that point on.
BiPAP - BiPAP is the breathing machine Hazel must use every night when she sleeps. Throughout the novel she refers to the noises it makes as that of a dragon breathing.
Cancer - Hazel and Augustus both cancer patients. Hazel was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer when she was 13, and Augustus was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma at a young age and has had his leg amputated.
Daring - Augustus shares his 'Genie wish' with Hazel and they travel to the Netherlands to meet the author of their favorite book, 'An Imperial Affliction', written by Peter Van Houten. It is a risk for them to make this journey because Hazel isn't in the best of health, and as it reveals later neither is Augustus.
Excitement - When Augustus and Hazel begin to get to know each other, Hazel realizes that her world is beginning to change for the better. He brings a refreshing excitement into her life, and happiness.
Fear - Fear is an extremely strong emotion present in this novel because of the fact that there is a lot of illness. Hazel fears that she is a 'grenade' to her family and loved ones, and that she should stop building relationships between herself and others because she see's that she is only hurting them with the possibility of her death.
Guilt - Hazel feels a lot of guilt with herself because she feels as though she is a large stress on her parents. She is saddened by the fact that she is their only child, and that she is ill. She is bothered throughout the novel of how her parents will cope if her life ends.
Definition: BiPAP can be described as a continuous positive airway pressure system with a time-cycled or flow-cycled change of the applied CPAP level.
Definition: The disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body.
Definition: Something that causes feelings of dread or apprehension; something a person is afraid of.
Definition: A feeling of responsibility or remorse for some offense, crime, wrong, etc.
Hospital - Both Hazel and Augustus spend quite a lot of time in the hospital due to their cancer. Particularly one night when Hazel wakes up with extreme pain in her head and is admitted to the hospital with serious pneumonia; Augustus never leaves her side.
Definition: An institution in which sick or injured persons are given medical or surgical treatment.
Definition: Bold or courageous; fearless or intrepid; adventurous.
Definition: An excited state or condition.
Intelligent - Augustus and Hazel's relationship is very funny, sweet, and intelligent, it is driven by Augustus' obsession with metaphors and meaning.
Definition: Having good understanding or high mental capacity; quick to comprehend.
Joy - Besides the sad parts of this book, a lot of joyful things take place. Meeting each other and becoming so big in each others lives is a very joyful thing to both Augustus and Hazel.
Kiss - After their extremely upsetting meeting with Van Houten, Hazel, Augustus and Lidewij go to the Anne Frank museum. When Augustus leans in to kiss Hazel, it is an extreme turning point in the novel and in their relationship. This is a quote from page 203. " 'Augustus Waters' I said, looking up at him, thinking that you cannot kiss anyone in the Anne Frank house, and then thinking that Anne Frank, after all, kissed someone in the Anne Frank house, and that she would probably like nothing more then for her home to have become a place where the young and irreparably broken sink into love."
Learning - Throughout the novel, we learn many things about the characters and the characters also learn many things about themselves. For the first time since becoming ill Hazel feels as though she has a silver lining; and as she learns and understands more, she realizes that silver lining turns out to be her relationship to Augustus.
Mother - Hazel's mother is a very important person to her because she has basically devoted her whole life into making sure Hazels life is as normal as possible, despite her set backs.
Metastasis - Hazel was diagnosed with stage 4 Thyroid cancer with metastasis on her lungs when she was 13 years old.
Nervous - I felt a constant feeling of nervousness while reading this novel because I was constantly worried for Hazel and her health. By the end of the book I realized that I had been nervous for the wrong person the entire time.
Normal - Hazel spends her entire life trying to be a normal person, while Augustus flaunts his sickness and history and is not ashamed of who he is and was. He teaches Hazel how to be this.
"Okay" - This is Hazel and Augustus' 'word' that they use to communicate their love to one another.
Probability - Throughout the book, the probability of Hazel's death seems to be quite high, but in the end it turns out that smart strong, and charming Augustus is a lot closer to it than Hazel is.
Questioning - Hazel questions her feelings for Augustus untill she realizes that he cares about being with her more than he cares about the possibility of loosing her.
Remorse - Remorse is felt by Augustus' friends, family, and loved ones after his unexpected death. Hazel says this at his funeral. "Augustus Waters was the great star-crossed love of my life. Ours was an epic love story, And I won't be able to get a second into it without disappearing into a puddle of tears. Gus knew. Gus knows. I will not tell you our love story, because -like all real love stories- it will die with us, as it should. "
Sickness - Sickness is a major theme of this novel because it's two main characters are both cancer patients.

Struggle - Everyday for Hazel, Augustus and their families is a struggle because of their fear of what may happen and having to live their everyday lives with the cloud of cancer dragging over them.
Tragedy - This is also a major theme of the novel, because right after Hazel and Augustus proclaim their love for one another, we find out that Augustus' cancer has returned and that he doesn't have much longer to live. Things are finally starting to get better for Hazel and then it all comes crashing down.
Un-smoked cigarettes - Is just one of many of Augustus' metaphors. He says this to Hazel the day they meet. "They don't kill you unless you light them. And I've never lit one. It's a metaphor. See: you put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don't give it the power to do it's killing. "
Van Houten - Van Houten is the author of Hazel and Augustus' favorite book; An Imperial Affliction. Seeking the truth behind the ending of the book, they travel to the Netherlands to meet with Houten to finally hear the ending. Apon arrival, they realize that Houten had not been the one who invited them, and that he was a cruel, sad, drunk due to the death of his own daughter who was taken by cancer.
Wish - Augustus uses his "Genie wish' to take Hazel to Amsterdam to meet the author of their favorite book.

Excruciating - It is excruciatingly hard for Hazel to cope after Augustus' death. However, in the end, she accepts the fates.
Young - Augustus is only 17 years old when he falls in love with Hazel and dies. Hazel is 16.
Amazing - Finally, amazing is the last word I chose. The way that Augustus lived was truly that; amazing. His love for Hazel was amazing. This is the last paragraph of the book, written by Augustus to Van Houten. " What else? She is so beautiful. You don't get tired of looking at her. You never worry if she is smarter than you: You know she is. She is funny without ever being mean. I love her. I am so lucky to love her, Van Houten. You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, old man, but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices, I hope she likes hers. "

I do, Augustus.
I do.
Definition: The emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying .
Definition: To touch or press with the lips slightly pursed in an expression of affection, love, or greeting.
Definition: The act or process of acquiring knowledge or skill.
Definition: Mother - A female parent.
Metastasis - The transference of disease-producing organisms or of cancerous cells to other parts of the body by way of the blood or lymphatic vessels or membranous surfaces.
Definition: Nervous - Unnaturally or acutely uneasy or apprehensive.
Normal - Conforming to the standard or the common type.
Definition: A way of saying that something is acceptable.
Definition: The quality or fact of being probable.
Definition: Indicating or implying a question.
Definition: Deep and painful regret or sadness.
Definition: Sickness - A particular disease or malady.
Struggle - To contend with an adversary or opposing force.
Definition: The tragic element of drama, of literature generally, or of life.
Definition: To want, desire, or long for something.
Definition: Extremely painful; causing intense suffering; unbearably distressing; torturing.
Definition: Those who have youth.
Definition: To overwhelm with surprise or sudden wonder; astonish greatly.
A - Augustus Waters
I chose to use Augustus for the letter A because he is one of the main characters of this novel and because he plays an extremely important role in the life of the main character, Hazel Grace Lancaster.

I chose to talk about Hazel's breathing machine because it is one of the many important things that are keeping her alive.

C - Cancer
I chose the use cancer as my word for C because it is one of the major theme's of this novel. It connects to the novel because both of the main characters have this disease and their lives are changed by it forever.

D- Daring
I chose to this word because before Augustus, Hazel lives a particularly sheltered life by her parents and doesn't see herself as more than just someone who is 'dying'. Augustus challenges her into believing that she is more than this and that she has to branch out in order to make something of her life.

E- Excitement
I chose this word for many of the same reasons as I chose daring. Augustus fills Hazel with more excitement than she has ever known and this is a turning point for her.

F - Fear
I chose to talk about fear for F because it is also a major theme of this novel. It is felt everyday by everyone mentioned in this novel who's lives have been touched by cancer. This is why I think it is an important thing to mention.

G - Guilt
Guilt is also a major theme. Hazel is so busy feeling like a burden on everyone and feeling guilty for 'ruining' everyone's lives, that she doesn't see just how happy she is making them, and how much they love her, in sickness and in health.

H - Hospital
Hospitals are an everyday part of Hazel, Augustus, and their families daily life.

I - Intelligent
I love Augustus' personality and how he can make you contemplate even the most simplest things in life. He is so smart when it comes to metaphors and he is forever obsessed with trying to make sense of everything.

J - Joy
I chose Joy for J, because I felt as though I was only focusing on the sad parts of this novel. It isn't all sad, and there happens to be many small blinks of joy throughout it. One of my favorite pieces of joy happens to be the relationship between Hazel and Augustus.

K - Kiss
This was my absolute favorite part of the book. Hazel and Augustus' first kiss. It was so sweet and sad all at the same time, and I can remember re-reading the whole scene over and over again just because I liked it so much. It really does turn out to be a turning point for their relationship because not only was it their first kiss but Hazel begins to finally realize just what Augustus is willing to do for her; anything.

L - Learning
Who isn't learning a think or two throughout this novel? Hazel is learning to break out of her shell and to let love take over, Augustus learns that he doesn't actually have as much time as he thought. Their parents are learning everyday of how to deal with their families and how to handle having children who are sick and dying. And lastly, even the nasty Van Houten learns a thing or two about how to treat people and how to deal with his own sadness. Basically everyone is learning that 'yeah, cancer is in our lives, but we have to focus on the positive sides and move on from it. '

M - Mother and Metastasis
I chose to talk about Hazel's mother because I really liked the relationship she had with her daughter and I felt as though she was a impact on her.
I chose to also talk about Metastasis because this is what is a large part of Hazels sickness.

N - Nervous
I was SO nervous reading this book, because I really felt for the characters and their situations. John Green has done an absolutely perfect job of making his characters 'real' and this made me feel as though I really knew them personally and was going through their pains and sorrows with them.

O - "Okay"
I chose the talk about "Okay" for O because it is such an important element in this novel. "Maybe 'Okay' will be our 'Always'" Augustus says to Hazel, referring to their love for each other.

P - Probability
The Probability of Hazels death is always a constant thing in the readers mind throughout this book. They never realize that BAM, the plot twists, and now there's strong, smart, and brave Augustus, who is the one on their death bed.

Q - Questioning
I chose to talk about Questioning because this is one of Hazels many strong characteristics. She is uncertain that she could ever love Augustus because she feels for sure that in the end she is just going to screw him over with her dying and leaving him all alone, when she finally realizes that he isn't going to give up, he will love her if she is dead or alive and that is all that matters to him.

R, S, T - Remorse, Sickness, and Tragedy
All of these things are also major themes of the novel.

U - Un-smoked cigarettes
One of Augustus' many metaphors. I chose this one because I think it is the most meaningful metaphor he comes up with during the novel, that you can stick the killing thing in your mouth, but you have to actually light it in order for it to do it's killing.

V - Van Houten
I chose to talk about Houten for the letter V because he becomes quite an important character during this book. He means a lot to both Hazel and Augustus because he is the author of their favorite book.

W - Wish
If it weren't for Augustus sharing his wish with Hazel, they would have never gotten to go away together and realize the person that they had been idolizing wasn't exactly all that great.

X - Excruciating
I chose this word for X because of the way Hazel feels after the death of Augustus.

Y - Young
I chose to talk about how young the two main characters were because I think it is important for the reader to know that just because they were young doesn't mean they wern't capable of falling in love and even death.

Z - Amazing
The last word I chose was amazing because that is how I would like to describe Hazel and Augustus. They are both amazing characters and they are so amazing towards one another and everyone else who knows them.
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