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Copy of Alternative Family Forms

No description

Mariquin Rey

on 29 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Alternative Family Forms

27% of U.S children under the age of 18 live in a home with only one parent
50% of U.S children will live in a single parent family by the age of 18
Single Parent Homes
85% of single families consist of a
Single mother
unmarried womans decision to have a child
Poverty increases odds of a young adult to become a single parent.
less income
limits work ability
less education
Single parenting not limited to poor
40% of all births in U.S belong to unmarried woman
Rate of childbirth to single women has decreased
Rate of childbirth to women over 30 increased
This issue tied to decreasing role of father and growing importance of grandparenting
Very popular in Scandanavian and European countries
On the rise in U.S
500,000 in 1970
to 6.5 million today
5.9 heterosexual and 581,000 homosexual
51% of woman and 43% of men between ages 15-44 have cohabitated
After 3 years
1 in 10 couples cant cohabit
3 in 10 couples decide to marry
6 in 10 couples split up
5% of children to cohabitants will only live with one parent by the age of 18
This number increases up to 36% if parents later marry
Gay and Lesbian Couples
In 1989 Denmark became the first country to allow same sex marriages
Along with this came
equal advantages to inheritence
taxation joint property ownership
Massachusetts becomes the first state in the U.S to allow same sex marriages
U.S congress passed the Defense of marriage act(DOMA)
Defines marriage as joining of one man and one woman.
Later in Feb 2011 Obama announced that they are no longer supporting this act
45% of U.S adults support gay marriage

57% support civil unions providing same sex unions with rights enjoyed by married people
Most children from gay couples actually come from previous heterosexual unions. Others have adopted.

Many gay parents are quiet about sexual orientation
In several court cases, children have been removed from homosexual homes claiming to concern for the childs "Best interest"
Constitional amendment that would define marriage as between a man and a woman.
Amendment 1
Amanda Arellano
This amendment will not recognize families with gay parents
This amendment will support traditional values and follow Gods will.
Polls will open May 8th
9/10 people marry
In 1960 28% of U.S woman 20-24 were single...by 2010 the percentage went up to 79%
The number of woman who attend college has increased
These women are actually more likely to get married than woman who dont attend college
By midlife unmarried women have harder time finding a partner
Many of these children live in foster homes within the U.S
25% of foster children become homeless
56% of the emancipated foster care children enter unemployment rate
27% of emancipated foster males end up in jail
30% of emancipated foster females become mothers at early ages.
Your family
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