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Unit 2: The Roman Empire

No description

Arthur Wachholz

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Unit 2: The Roman Empire

Work Experience

Status Update
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Chapter 6 Section 3 VOC
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The Roman Empire
Causes of the Fall of the Roman Empire
Mind Your C's and Q's University

Lives In
Republic of Rome
What factors could have been prevented?
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Expansion of Roman Empire and its
Impact on Western Civilization.

Which factors... political, social, economic or military were the most significant?
Unit 2: The Roman Empire
Chapter 6 Section 5 VOC

Definition: form of government in which power is exercised by the public at large,and affairs of state are a concern of the public sphere
Sentence: Augustus brought the Roman Republic to the height of its power.
Question: Did the public truly rule
the republic?
Definition: Part of the governing elite of Rome.
Sentence: The patricians were the members of the ruling elite in charge of the Republic or Rome.
Question: Were the patricians really in charge?
Republic Collapses
A Powerful Empire
Life in Imperial Rome
Conflict between rich and poor
Caesar wins Civil War
Caesar assassinated by Senate because feared
to be taking too much control
Augustus, Caesar's nephew took control
and became emperor
Power struggles
Pax Romana for 200 years of peace
Trade ruled
Decline of Emperor began with death of Marcus Aurelieus
Civil Wars
Romans valued discipline and loyalty
Slaves from conquered lands became Gladiators
Quality of life depended on social position
1. Education /Healthcare (pg. 1-2)
2. Trade and Travel (pgs. 3-4)
3. Chariot Races (pgs.5-6)
4. Gladiators, Theatre and Domestic Games ( pgs7-8)
5. Bath Houses (pgs. 9-10)
6. Shop and Shopkeepers, Food and Drink, and Family Life (pg. 11-13)
7. Housing (pgs. 14-16)

For each of the terms on the right
complete the following:
1. Define it
2. Use it in a sentence
3. Write a question in your own
Essay: Explain the causes and effects of the Fall of the Roman Empire.
For each term on the
right please complete
the following:
1. Write a definition
2. Use it in a sentence
3. Write a question in
your own words
Tacitus aqueducts

Ch 6 Section 1
The Roman Republic
What were the advantages of Rome’s location?
What were the 3 main parts of Roman government?
What happened as a result of the wars with Carthage?

Chapter 6 Section 2
The Roman Empire
How did Caesar’s rule lead to the end of the Republic?
How were the people of the Empire employed?
Who were the slaves and what work did they do?

Chapter 6 Section 3
The Rise of Christianity
Why was Jesus put to death?
What did the Romans do to the Jews?
How was the Church organized?

Chapter 6 Section 4
The Fall of the Roman Empire
What economic problems did Rome face?
Who was Constantine?
What role did Attila play in the collapse of Rome?

Chapter 6 Section 5
Rome and Western Civ
Name 3 Roman cultural achievements?
What important standards of law were set by the Romans?

Objective Assessment
Summative Assessment
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