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Menekse Karagulle

Menekse Karagulle

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Merlin

Menekse Karagulle Main Characters Where/when? - Merlin
- Arthur
- Uther
- Gaius - BBC one
Friday 20.15 UK
- Other sites
www.tv-links.eu video's Merlin - Merlin is a drama series
- The mythical city of Camelot
- Magic
- Prince Arthur Pendragon
- His 'Destiny' What is 'Merlin'? The story - The kingdom of Camelot
- Uther Pendragon
- The last Great Dragon
- Morgana - Morgana
- Guinevere
- The knights
- The Great Dragon Who & When? - Created by:
Julian Jones, Jake Michie
Johnny Capps, Julian Murphy
- 20 September 2008
24 December 2012
- Genre: family drama The End
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