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this is about all sort of aniamals by kerrin and mia

Kerrin Year 5

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Animals

by Mia<3 and Kerrin<3 Animals PETS You can have all different kinds of pets like...
dogs , rats , mice , hamster , cats , fish, snakes ,
birds , spiders , lizards , crocodiles , ferrets , and
lots more. the wiredest pet we have ever heard of is a tigers you can actually have them as pets wired right. the cutest pet is a puppy that's what we think anyway you may have a different idea to us Wild animals Thers a lot of wild animals that are very wild
like ...
wild pigs , wild horuse , tiger . lion , wild monkey , rakonn . sloff , wil;d big cats , birds , mia , bugs , and lots more under water animals There are lots of under water animals like ... fish , sharks ,
puffer fish, nemo , boxfish ,and you can also have pets that are from the under water like... goldfish, sharkfish, and lots more, also they are qwite boring pets beacuse you can never get them out to play with :( you cant take them on walks and they just swim around, there not like a proper liveing pet like a dog there fun :) Hello we are talking
about animals because
they are so cute aww ANIMALS AWWW HELLO HAVE A GOOD READ HOW TO TREET ANIMALS You have to treet Animals with love and care and never be mean to them or selfish get it. anyways they will be nice to you if you be nice to them <3 you have to feed them once a day to keep them helfiy and fit.They have to give them lots of stuff to do
,or they get bord ! scary animals Some animals are really scary like...............
loins, tigers, and pranna lots more. some animals go rah or munch or grra and other sounds. Its making me scard now!!!!!!!!!!!!!RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE Hey!!!we had fun with you guys we would like you to see our other prezi presantions
I want to say thank you to mrs harvery and mrs perry for helping us :)
bye thanks for watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! year 5 Year 5 By Mia
By Kerrin insect There 800,000 kinds of insects and there all very different. there different because they do different things like...the dung beetle rolls the dung (poo) then gets it into his hole so his famliy can eat it!!
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