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Database Project

Beatriz Alayon

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of PsycInfo

Beatriz Alayon, Brittany McNeil, Justin, Welliver, PsycInfo Database DATABASE DESCRIPTION DATABASE USABILITY PsycINFO Ebscohost Vendor- American Psychology Association 3 million citations and summaries 99% of its content is peer-reviewed . . . More than 60,000 records are added each year . . Userfriendly Boolean Searching Information can be retrieved by printing, emailing, saving, or exporting records It's easy, just create a folder and save away! . . . http://support.epnet.com/training/flash_videos/basic_search/basic_search.html 1. How to find the User Guide Go to support site 2. Under Training click on Trainer Guides/Outlines Under Document Type click on User Guides 4. Under Other Limiters choose from All databases [PsycInfo] then leave All topics alone and choose English Language 3. Finally, click Update and this will bring you to the PsycINFO User Guide 5. By How to create a folder 1. Click on Sign In Link

2. Set up a personalized (MyEbscohost) Folderaccount at NO Charge! .
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