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Levitron Science Fair 2013

Levitron Presentation

Diego Mireles

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Levitron Science Fair 2013

Science Fair 2013 Levitron Question Introduction Procedure Photos and Video Resources Diego Mireles
Israel Vázquez
Omar Khan
Patricio Cavazos 4 small round ferris magnets
3 medium ferris magnets
1 big ferris magnet
Copper wire
Small glass (Optional) 1. Place the biggest magnet in a flat surface.
2. Attach two medium magnets.
3.On top of the medium magnets attach 4 small magnets.
4.Place the pile of small and medium magnets in the center of the biggest magnet.
5. Insert the copper wire stick in the center of the pile of magnets or just use anything that would stop the magnet from getting attracted by the outer part of the biggest magnet.
6. Place another magnet in the copper wire stick, from the same pole that the below magnets has. In this experiment the goal is to create a Levitron. John Mayers
January, 22, 2008

Michael Clarke
December, 3, 2004
http://www.metacafe.com/watch/829929/homemade_levitron/ Team Members Will the medium magnets levitate over the small magnets ? Hypothesis The medium magnets will levitate over the small magnets. Materials This is going to happen by experimenting with the forces of magnetism and make them repel using the same poles on each other to make the magnet to levitate over the small magnets. Conclusion The hypothesis was correct, once we tried and tried the way the experiment was supposed to be done. We did it by playing with the forces of the magnets. The results were a way of doing it and making it levitate. Life Applications The levitron can be used for decoration at the house or at work. levitron .- the levitron is an invention that makes a magnet levitate
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