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Lung Cancer

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on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer
Lung Cancer
By Ben Spencer
What is Cancer?
Cancer is a disease where abnormal cells undergo out of control mitosis. These abnormal or "cancer cells" can spread throughout the body. These cells do not die when they should and create more cancer cells. In most cancers this results in a build up of cells called a tumor. Tumors disrupt how organs function and often the human body cannot sustain multiple tumors. There are various different cancers depending on what part of the body it effects.
Risk Factors/Causes
Lung cancer can be developed from genes or from smoking. Inhaling smoke from cigarettes is harmful to the lungs and many smokers develop lung cancer due to smoking. Even people who don't smoke can develop lung cancer from genes or second hand smoking. It can also be caused by exposure to radiation or asbestos.
The lungs are located in the chest. They let humans breathe in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. The lungs are responsible for providing oxygen for your blood while filtering out carbon dioxide. This is done by the part of the lung known is the alveoli.
The Lungs
Symptoms of Lung cancer include:
bloody mucus
shortness of breath
chest pain
Chest infections
weight loss
collapsed lung
Depending on the stage of the cancer and the health of the patient, different treatments are used. If the cancer has not developed it can sometimes be cut out with surgery. For cancer that is further along chemotherapy, endobronchial and radiation therapy can also be used.
Canadian Lung Cancer Stats
It is estimated that in 2013
• 25,500 Canadians will be diagnosed with lung cancer. This represents 14% of all new cancer cases in 2013.
• 20,200 Canadians will die from lung cancer. This represents 27% of all cancer deaths in 2013.
• 13,300 men will be diagnosed with lung cancer and 10,700 will die from it.
• 12,200 women will be diagnosed with lung cancer and 9,500 will die from it.
• On average, 70 Canadians will be diagnosed with lung cancer every day.
• On average, 55 Canadians will die from lung cancer every day.

Survival Rates
Based on 2007 estimates:
About 1 in 11 Canadian men is expected to develop lung cancer during his lifetime and one in 13 will die from it.
About 1 in 15 Canadian women is expected to develop lung cancer during her lifetime and one in 18 will die from it.

Lung Cancer Facts
Lung cancer is a cancer that develops in the lungs. There are two types of lung cancer: Small cell lung cancer(SCLC) and Non small cell lung cancer(NSCLC). NSCLC is much more common than SCLC and grows slower. SCLC spreads faster and often to other parts of the body.
Thank You
Please note that all statistics were taken directly from sites listed on the bibliography and are in no way the works of the author.
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