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Public Affairs: Relations with Government

No description

Kate Kurtin

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Public Affairs: Relations with Government

"describes the aspect of PR that deals with the political environment of an organization" (p. 308).
Also referred to a government affairs or issues management

Includes shaping and building public opinion and legislation and helping the organization adapt to political expectations
Public Affairs: Relations with Government
Chapter 14
and PR?
Public affairs is a specialization of PR that primarily concerns building public policy relationships between organizations.
It is vital for all businesses and companies to have some government ties
Public Affairs in Business
Government plays a large role in businesses today:
rule maker
In-class Activity:
Complete the case study on pages 323-324.
Many practitioners use "public affairs" to signify all external noncommercial activities
However, this job is largest with unions, schools, hospitals, libraries, foundations, cultural organizations, etc who want to improve their communication with government agencies, monitor legislation, encourage legislation, and expand
awareness of people in power.
"Public affairs has become, in the last 20 years, a crucial dimension of public relations" (p. 310)
Public Affairs Tasks
First: Fact-finders & listening post.
Second: weigh in and evaluate potential impacts of legislation on the company or industry.
Third: Disseminate the information to corporate decision makers, stockholders,
and the publics.
Biggest impact is in corporate planning
Where is the public affairs agent?
Doing the job well:
In order to do the job well, you must know about:
Electoral activities
Political Action Committees (PACS) and where the $$ comes from
Legislative activities & lobbying
Getting to the grassroots & issues advertising
Regulatory activities
State and local public affairs
Internal political communication
encourage employee political involvement
Working for the Government
Our Nation was founded on an idea that we are capable of governing ourselves. In order to do this, citizens must in aware and informed of what is going on.

Public Information Officers and
Public Affairs Officers
- transmit information in a
neutral and objective fashion
- communicate relevant issues
to the public
- work toward
organizational goals
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