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In the Media: Stereotypes

No description

Linda W.

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of In the Media: Stereotypes

Timeline 2013 2009 2010 2011 2012 Team 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Gender Stereotypes Conclusion: Negative stereotypes are humorous, as a result, they are used in the media often
Stereotypes are used to attract people to a product, film, magazine, etc.
We are very exposed to the media, thus, stereotypes can have bad influences on younger audiences. The World Around Us:
Stereotypes Linda Wu
ENG1D Summative
Ms. Irandoust What Are Stereotypes? The assumptions we make about an entire group based on the observations of some members.

Can be positive, negative or neutral.

There are different categories of stereotypes. Some examples are:
Religion Racial Stereotypes Stereotyping towards black people.
The villain in the movies are played by a black actor.
Stereotype: blacks are criminals and dangerous.
This is portrayed by the media negatively. Stereotyping towards Asians.
Stereotype: Asians are smart and good at math.
This is portrayed by the media positively. Stereotyping towards Arabic people.
Stereotype: Arabic people are terrorists.
This is portrayed by the media negatively. Stereotyping towards men.
Stereotype: Men are insensitive and self-centered.
This is portrayed in the media negatively. Stereotyping towards women and girls.
Stereotype: Women that are skinny and beautiful are pleasing and likable.
This is portrayed in the media negatively. Men Common Male Stereotypes Men are:
not very emotional; rarely cry
strong, muscular and tough
meant to do the "dirty work" (i.e. construction, mechanics, etc.)
Women Common Female Stereotypes Women are:
weak and helpless
meant to work in the household
going to make less money as men
quite and submissive
not as physically capable
meant to look pretty
not very smart
meant to have clean jobs (i.e. secretary, teachers, librarians, etc.)
Stereotype: Men are meant to be muscular and strong.
This is portrayed in the media negatively.
Stereotypes: Women are meant to be beautiful (e.g. flawless skin)
Women like to spend money (e.g. buy something things they don't need)
Women enjoy being submissive
Women like to flirt and is always looking for a relationship
Women annoying and hard to please
This is portrayed by the media negatively.
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