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Organ Care System

No description

Jasmin Eltaib

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Organ Care System

Organ Care System Presented by : Jasmin Eltaib Aorta Goal: Improve transplant outcomes and organ availability A
(hypertension) Needing HEART TRANSPLANTS Coronary Atrium Disease HEART ATTACK Cancer Congenital heart defects Atherosclerosis Arrhythmia Valve failure Aortic Valve Regurgitation Myocarditis Cardiomyopathy (68%)
Coronary heart disease (32%) SOLUTION: Biotechnology of the 21st Century The FUTURE Pulmonary Artery Left Atrium Important features of the Heart
Diseases that result in the need of a new heart
Problem with traditional transplant method
Facts on transplant wait list in Canada
What is the Organ care system
Future of biotechnology ORGAN CARE SYSTEM In the end, the patient gets a healthier heart with less chance of rejection and smaller risk of death. This sterile box, is heated and pumps warm, oxygenated donor's blood -- which means it keeps beating and and can remain outside a body for 12 hours. There are currently 4 000 Canadians on the transplant list.
Unfortunately, 303 people died while waiting for a transplant last year.
For every 10 patients transplanted with a new heart, nearly 4 died waiting and another 19 are still waiting.
135 people currently need a new heart.
5-7 % of hearts end up not working after they've been transplanted.
Only 3 of 10 organ donors' hearts are transplanted Organ Care System Heart Perfusion Module Thank You for Listening! Features Traditionally, a transplanted heart is placed in an ice cooler during transportation to recipient
Heart can only remain outside a humans body for 4 hours before complications arise
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