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jacks yangtze river Presentation

flying pigs rule

jack kovacs

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of jacks yangtze river Presentation


There are alot of villages near the yangtze river.so here are some examples. :) :) :) :) :) :) (bold text is most populated)
kunlun mts
(4.3 million)
(8.3 million)
Dongting hu
Poyang hu
(14.35 million)
(3.6 million)
(9.6 million)

!Facts and Features!
The Yangtze river is about 3,892 metres long and it is the biggest river in China and about the third biggest in the world.It is a u shaped river if you look at it in the right direction.It is very important to the country and the Chinese people.The Yangtze river is about in the centre of China.The Yangtze river is smaller than the Amazon.
!Native inhabitants!

The native inhabitans on the yangtze river where the Ba tribe and the Shu tribe they lived in the middle reaches of the river.they found traces of human activity in the threee gorges about 27 thousand years ago.theres no know native tribes that currently exist.

Native Flora and Fauna
here are the animals that live near or in the yangtze river
1.pangolin(scaly ant eater)
2.giant salamander
3.yangtze river dolphins(river pig dolphins)
4giant soft shell turtle
5tibetan antelope
6Siberian cranes
7red tree pandas
8sturgeon fish
9snow leopard
There was traces af people living there about 2 million years ago. it is supply 10% of chinas enery in 2015.in 1835 the first steamboat named jardine travelled down the yangtze river it only was used for passangers and mail or cargo.they used to call it the old yangtze.it is one of the prime tourist attractions right now.

Yangtze presentation
by jack :) :) :) :) :) :)

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