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Underground to Canada By Barbara Smucker

Black people, Slavory, and Seperation, Based on a book

Jacinda Fraser

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Underground to Canada By Barbara Smucker

Underground to
Canada.. By: Barbara
Smucker Characters Julilly is a twelve year old black girl who works in the cotton field. She is very brave and bright, she is tall for her age too. Her best friend also her Mother, is Mammy Sally. This is the
Book cover... Climax Setting Conflict Inciting Incident Theme Mammy Sally is an older woman with
a bright spark of energy. She is protective
of Julilly her daughter and loves her very much and would do anything. <-Cutsey
Smile Thank you
for watching! Jeb Henson is an older man who
owns a Slave plantation in Virginia
and was poor. He had to sell some slaves to
a slave trader in the Deep south. He sold Julilly
from Mammy Sally. Sims is a heartless man who does not care about
almost anyone! He is ungrateful for the slaves
picking cotton all day and he is constantly
whipping people for no reason and he is a
cold hearted man! The Man VS Man conflict in the story is when Julilly gets picked by the slave trader. The Man VS Self in the story is when Liza and Julilly are deciding to go to Canada and sneak out risking to get killed on the way. The Man VS nature is when kids are in the cart with sims and are dieing of thirst, because water is part of nature. The inciting incident in the story is when Julilly gets sold from poor Jeb Henson. She is separated from her Mammy Sally and is Lonely, until she meets Liza. The setting in the story is in the 1800's at
Jeb Hensons poor Slave Plantation in North Virginia, where they eat, and pick cotton and doing chores all day long. The theme of the story is about slavery and hope, hope to be free, not having to pick cotton all day long, not having to do chores for other rich people, when you can be free. The theme in the story is Hope and willing to be free, anything to be free. Prepared By:
Jacinda Fraser. Liza is a 13 year old girl just like Julilly she is beaten up from Fat Sims whipping her because she tried to escape to Canada and got sent back to the Plantation. Otherwise she is a bright happy girl with hopes and dreams like every human being. Characters #2 Massa Ross is an older white man who helps slaves escape from thier plantations to Canada. He is a kind-hearted man with a sense of adventure! Liza and Julilly are somewhere
in this map...somewhere is the Riley
Plantation. This is Mammy
Sally Brief Summary Did you like it? YES NO I know u luved it.... VS In Underground to Canada multiple breathtaking moments happened. Julilly gets sold to the Riley Plantation saying bye to Mammy Sally. She met a hunched up girl Liza whom is 13 too. Lester her friend, set up to escape to Canada with Massa Ross. They almost got caught at Jeb Hensons house and took the scooner across the one of the great lakes: lake Eerie. Julilly and Liza met Mammy Sally in Canada, she was going to buy a small house, she said in her own words: We are poor, hurt, and not wealthy, but we aint slaves. The most heart-stopping
part in the story is, If
the slave catcher finds Liza and Julilly they are slaves. If not, they are FREE in CANDA! Resolution The resolution in the story is Julilly and Liza get to Canada with Mammy Sally! They will get a small house there and live happily not as slaves!
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