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Nazi Germany

No description

Hannah Koller

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Nazi Germany

Nazi Germany - Early Nazi Nazi Germany - World War 2 "At the risk of appearing to talk nonsense, I tell you that the Nazi movement will go on for 1000 yrs."

Adolf Hitler Nazi Germany - Jewish Discrimination Jews - Scapegoats of Germany Fun Fact The Three Stooges: Moe, Larry, and Curly,
were the first to publicly mock
Nazi Germany and Hitler. Hitler personally wrote their names on his assassination list Nazi Germany - Political Elimination SS Hitler ordered the SS to kill rivals in politics, even other Nazi members Hitler's Supporters Most Austrians approved of Hitler's reign Adolf Hitler was the most supported dictator the world has ever seen; perhaps the most successful, as well. Nazi Supporters
99% Nazi Oppressors
1% Austrians Welcoming Hitler To
Vienna Occupation of Austria Combat Units of World War 2 Fire team - 4-5

Squad - 8-16

Platoon - 25-60

Company - 75-250

Battalion - 300-1000

Brigand - 3000-5000

Division - 10000-20000 Propaganda Barrage To discourage its first victims, Germany sent out waves of media to tell them they did not want war, that it was France and Britain that were to blame. Hitler contributed to this in many speeches before dictatorship as chancellor, and during his reign as the ruler of Germany. "To conquer a nation, first disarm it's citizens" Adolf Hitler Norway Denmark Belgium Hitler Hitler Hitler "Germany never had any conflict with the Northern States and has none today" "We have concluded a non-aggression act with you" Netherlands "The Netherlands are peaceful;we will act on your lead!" In a speech in October, 1934, Hitler unleashed his propaganda to it's full extent toward the Low Countries. German border patrol Nazi Germany - Occupation of Poland Hitler flung 65% of his army at Poland; a simple invasion that consisted of over 62 divisions. The Poles were not as welcoming as the Austrians had been. Graffiti

No Germans
Wanted Here

Notice - Let Hitler (the gangster) Return Czechoslovakia And All Others Everything He Stole From Them

Fred R Ferdinand Horak The Capture of Polish Rebels Even after the bombing of Poland the
word of its inhabitants was not widely known, even to France and Britain.
Because of unreliable evidence, the
Allies did not press open war. This information did trouble their leaders because the Versailles had been broken. "The Reichstaff has put forth no claim that may in any way be regarded as a threat to Belgium." The Fall of France - The Belgium Campaign Belgium could muster about 22 divisions which consisted of 1300 tanks, 200 tank hunters, and their prize: the T-15 Forces Involved - Belgium Nazi Germany - Norway And just as Hitler was making that speech, his generals were configuring their next target, Norway. It's small alcoves would make excellent U-boat bases. German U-boat washed ashore at Hastings, Norway's plateaus would be an ideal place for Luftwaffe bases Hitler could not take the valuable Norway without capturing neutral Denmark Nazi Germany - Norway - Denmark Although no blood was spilled, the Danes were made to be slaves "Do not hesitate to keep the Danes alive; the master race needs slaves." Meanwhile, disguised Nazi ships had infiltrated every large Norwegian port If the Norwegians had had x-ray vision, this is what they would have seen: the Trojan horse of ancient Greece with new and deadlier weapons Nazi Germany - Norway - British Reinforcements Britain made two attempt recapture the country. In the south with two Brigades, the UK's forces were unable to take ground because of constant bomber attacks. In the North, in Navik, the Brits met better success and were able to hold the town for two months. This is also where the Allies captured there first POW s.
(prisoners of war) The British Royal Navy: Ready To Aid The Northern States Norway - The 1st Step Denmark Norway Britain The Netherlands Belgium France Britain The Southern Claw The Northern Claw Then, with Britain defeated, could any one stand in Hitler's way for world domination? But the deciding factor of the war was Germany's overwhelming air superiority, the Luftwaffe. Britain had to retreat. Hitler to Nazi troops Nazi Germany - The Fall of France - Intro to War 20 years before, France's motto had been "attack, always attack". Now they placed their hope and faith into concrete, creating the Maginot Line The Maginot Line was a series of concrete outposts that led into the French hills. These structures were connected by long tunnels with train cars and bicycle passages. But Hitler would not attack the Maginot Line, that was France's strong point. Hitler would attack their weak point: it's hopes of anti-war. Hitler knew they had planes, though they were not efficient. He knew they had tanks, but were lightly armored and few in number. But most importantly, he knew they had become a country of disillusion. France Germany But why had France fallen to this disastrous state? In World War 1, France had suffered over 6 million casualties. Plus, the League of Nations, which France had pinned their faith, had fallen. Lately there were strikes, riots, and sabotage accounts. During the time of 'phony war', the Nazis sent poems and friendly letters across the border in balloons, they flew banners saying: why do you fight? German bands played French tunes. German Advantage - Junker Ju-87s Junker Ju-87 dive bombers: the best there is This is a Junker Ju-87 serving action in the Battle of Britain The French welcomed these thoughts and Hitler mused; France was ready to fall. The Nazi Germans sent fighter jets in friendly formations, some times stopping to do a trick for the citizens below Planned War The French believed the Maginot Line to be impenetrable, so they predicted Hitler's attack would resemble World War 1 Fall of France - The Netherlands Rotterdam: Before and After The Nazis easily smashed through ground forces easily, but the real attack is from the air Hitler ordered the surrender of The Netherlands or the town of Rotterdam would be bombed flat The Dutch generals had no choice Even after the Dutch's unconditional surrender, Rotterdam was bombed After a mere 90 minutes, Nazi planes had killed over 30000 This was the largest account of savagery in world history Fun Fact The T-15 ,shown earlier, had a forward mount gun that, in fact, could blast it's way through 2 other tanks with one bullet Hitler's first attack would be centered on Eben-Emael , the Maginot Line of Belgium Fun Fact Adolf Hitler made an exact replica of Fort
Eben-Emael in Czechoslovakia. That is why
the engineers and other soldiers knew
exactly how to capture the fort German Gliders, which contained 400 men, soared overhead and landed directly on the fort, for they had practiced the drill. Belgium - Allied Reinforcements France and Britain now marched to Belgium's aid, but encountered something unexpected: refugees Using people in battle, a new record low "Whoever makes the first move will be hurt"

Gen. Baiz'e Nazi Germany - Fall of France - the War The French were convinced that the attack on the Low Countries was the main threat. While the Nazi soldiers were attacking the Low Countries, Hitler was moving the largest strike force ever, and he was moving them where France least expected it, through the Ardennes Forest One of the greatest disasters of all time seemed in the making. An entire British army faced inhalation. Dunkirk Over the horizon came the sea dwelling people of Britain come to rescue their army with anything that could float Dunkirk 323,000 Troops Saved France was taken and forced to surrender But Charles De Gaulle would not surrender. He rallied forces and met in North Africa, ready to aid the Allies Nazi Germany - The Breach of Britain Hitler now stood where Napoleon stood two hundred years from now, gazing upon the small country of Great Britain "Where Napoleon failed, I shall succeed, I shall land on the shores of Britain!" The Holocaust The Holocaust was the genocide of 6 million Jews: men, women, and children. Extermination camps were built and designed for mass killings, and were equipped with gas chambers, gallows, torture items, and crushers. One of the most famous being Auschwitz. Auschwitz Gas Chamber Now Hitler realized that the Jews could serve him by working, so instead of 'death camps', Hitler created concentration camps. Auschwitz was considered the worst of all extermination camps, and later on they added a concentration camp with it. Over all of World War II, 4 million Jews were killed their. A large number of Jews died by doctors preforming 'medical' experiments These experiments consisted of the following: twin exp, bone, muscle and nerve transplants, head injury tests, freezing exp, mustard gas, poisoning, and bombing casualties, and tuberculosis injection tests. Freezing

The Nazis spent years trying to treat hypothermia. The doctors would submerge victims for up to 5 hours at 34 degrees F, so the water freeze. Muscle

Nazis would experiment transplanting muscles, which was not a painful process, that is until they ran out of anesthesia. Head Injury

12-14 yr. old children were strapped down to a chair and constantly hit on the head with a mechanized sledge hammer. Most were driven insane. Another was inflammation of a baby's head using a vacuum tool. Psychotic abuse was also issued at the concentration camps One abuse was to dig a ten foot hole, which took all day, and the fill it and start anew. Over 6 million Jews died on German territory, but that was not enough. Death Squads were sent to capture Jews on Allied or neutral lands. Some Jews were killed on the firing wall, some burned, but they were still dead. Some Jews were brought to concentration camps to undergo extreme torturing treatments Some captured Jews were forced to dig large holes, but these were not pointless. Jews were forced into the pits and shot, then buried This was how Hitler repaid the race that saved his life as a young adult Britain had an army but it had just been dragged from the shores of Dunkirk, leaving their supplies behind The people of England were stubborn and male citizens formed the People Guardians Even the women contributed to the war effort. They sent barrage balloons above London... ...drove buses ... ...and washed and cooked The women and some men worked over 100 hrs. a week AIR RAID Fully aware of the situation at hand, the UK called upon it's pilots to face the largest air force ever known to man. Most people were driven insane and some committed suicide. Hitler realized that he was dominant in every area, except spirit. He needed to crush that spirit, how: by bombing London 562 219 Planes Destroyed After 35 Attacks Luftwaffe RAF Plus 132 Pilots Bailed 0 Pilots Bailed 900 431 Planes Destroyed After 1 Attack Luftwaffe RAF Plus 142 Pilots Bailed 0 Pilots Bailed 2375 Luftwaffe "Night gangsters! We will have our revenge!" "Hey Simon, air raid!"
Bombs have been dropped; Simon is nowhere to be seen.
"Simon, Simon! There you are, I thought they got you." "Who, me? No, I had me fingers crossed." On October 6, 1940, the Nazis did not care of Phase I, II, or III. They just wanted to bomb the soul of the people. But the British were as strong as ever The Breach of Britain - The Burning Christmas, 1940: the ironic date of Hitler's full rage on Britain. Within 10 minutes, London became the largest fire in recorded history The Battle of Britain was won, but not by Hitler. The Germans had lost 2375 planes and men. Gone was the Nazi's invincibility But along with victory came the death of 40,000 and seriously wounded 50,000 more. The Brits will not forget. British victory! Nazi Germany - The Battle of Russia After their defeat in Britain, the Nazis had to turn to the east, to Russia But why Russia, perhaps because it stretches halfway around the Earth with 900,000 sq. miles. Deep in its land run veins of gold and silver. It also possessed copper, platinum, magnesium, tin, aluminum; Russia was the heart of raw material. It also contains oil, 231,000,000 tons of it; which was 50% of the worlds gross sum. Plus an additional 1,630,000 acres of farmland and 1,422,000 acres of sylvan areas. Yes, Russia was an ideal place for capture in the eyes of the Nazis. Now the road was clear to Russia But the Russians had more tactics, they would use each town as a safe hold. The more bombing, the more impassable the roads became. This would cause the Nazis to come out of Hitler's war machines. Over 40 towns were successfully used this way in the Battle of Russia. "Bonsai!"

Russian War Cry The Russians stopped Hitler at the very gates of Moscow; too close for comfort. Hitler thought that the Swastika would be sailing over the capital building, but it wasn't. fighter planes ready
bombers ready
parachute troops ready
artillery positioned
tanks manned
infantry ready
cavalry units mounted They attacked. Bombers
rushed overhead, but the main attack was from the ground. Now it was Germany's turn to fight for their lives. Now, for the first time ever, the Nazis were forced to retreat, enforced by the might of the largest cavalry in the world. The townsfolk returned to their homes, but the place they called home was burned and broken. Even the house of one of the greatest poets of all time, Leo Tolstoy had his house robbed Thousands of children were killed and the people who resisted were hanged or even crucified on a cross. Revenge: that is what kept these people going. The Battle of Russia - Leningrad After relentless push from the Russians, the Nazis decided it was time to attack, and they did, aimed on the Russian Naval port, Leningrad. After a bomber raid at night the city of Leningrad was worst then London. Now the worst winter in decades arrived in Russia causing famine, death, and disease. But bombs, nor winter, nor starvation could put the citizens of the city into a state of low morale. Hitler decided to shell the Russians out instead with long-distance guns and pelted the city for days. This was Leningrad's darkest hour. But then a miracle occurred food
blankets Now the Nazis were targeted on the Caucasus, on oil. The Caucasus Mt. represent one of the toughest terrains in military history, with peeks reaching 18,000 feet high. It had only one practical passage, and Baku, the largest oil field, was at the end. To reach Baku, Nazis had to travel along the banks of the Caspian Sea. To make capture of the town easier, Hitler would gain control of the railroads and for his new base the Volga River port: Stalingrad. The capture of Stalingrad would give Germans a restraining arm against Baku, where most oil was exported throughout the country, and from the pesky American and British supply ships, which delivered through Iraq, Iran, and the Caspian Sea. Hitler was enraged! How could he not have won? Where was his invincibility? His dreams of world domination were growing weary. Stalingrad was still holding the Nazis back. V Fun Fact When the Battle of the Bulge began, General Eisenhower was playing gulf Fun Fact One question was as follow: What is the name of Mickey Mouse's girlfriend? V ictory
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