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Pop Art

Pop Art presentation for 5th grade

Kimberly Paser

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of Pop Art

Pop Art!
What is Pop Art?!?!?
Pop art is a movement in which artists began using the influence of popular culture to influence their art. Influences were things like mass media, mass production, and mass culture.
For Example...
and ordinary everyday objects
When did Pop Art begin?
Pop Art began in the mid 1950's and 60's around the same time that globalization was happinging and popular music like the Beatles and Elvis were popular.
Why did artists make Pop art?
two reasons....
1. In Britain, artists used pop art as a way to illustrate
their culture's reaction to the world after WWII. Also, to show
importance of mass media on our culture
But for America, Pop art took on a whole new meaning. American artists were sick of Abstract Expressionism and wanted to bring the "image" back into the arts.
Much better....
Who made Pop Art?
Andy Warhol was the most influential pop artist
This screen print by Warhol is one of the most popular and
recognizable works of Pop art.
Where was pop art found?
Pop Art Today....
Claes Oldenburg
Jeff Koons
Now it's your turn!
Think of popular candies that are sold in America

Pick one of the candy products to enlarge (like Oldenburg)
in to a paper mache sculpture
Think about the form of your candy...

Is it round, rectangular, or square? Does it come in a box or a bag?

What types of materials will you need to build your candy?
When you have decided on your candy product and the materials that you will need, show your sketch book to Mrs. Miller or Ms. Paser.

We will then help approve and finalize your idea.

and then you can BEGIN
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