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Public Relations plan for Tiffany & Co.

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Tatjana Taneva

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Public Relations plan for Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co... the who?

Company with long tradtion
begining from 1837
One of the most popular
high quality jewelry producers
A brand famous for their
strong customer relationships
and exquisite PR activities Tiffany & Co. customers profile

High income women living in the upper social class
High income men influenced by women
Educated customers
Status for social recognition
People that enjoy wearing luxury goods Objectives of the PR plan

Becoming recognized jewelry manufacturer among the local Portuguese people
Position the brand as a requisite part of the fashionable lovers' lives
Persuade customers that the products are luxury, with high quality and style Theme of the campaign

The chosen theme for the campaign incorporates the company's vision of its products as being unique, sophisticated and innovative and it goes under the slogan: Purpose of this presentation

Tiffany & Co. decided to
enter the Portuguese market,
therefore a public relations plan was constructed, which will be introduced to you throughout this presentation. Strategies Emphasis: on conveying an image of innovative, rare, and fine jewelry Collaborate with local women/fashion magazines Participate in industry events Portojoia trade show Creating "buzz" in the press Tiffany & Co, its jewelry, and in-store experience Conduct a research and contact powerful celebrities for endorsement, magazines, TV programs, influential fashion icons local famous designers: Ana Salazar, Augustus (evening wear), Jose Antonio Tenente Wedding agency: Portugal wedding planners Establish a brand perception of being high quality, trustworthy and reliable Implementation of RM tactics Emphasizing on CSR activities high quality jewelry: emphasis on the production process, the "raw material", and Tiffany & Co designers Company information distribution of the Tiffany Blue Book: during the launch party and Portojoia trade show Distribution of press kits: during the launch party Press conference: Conduct Five Forces analysis role of Social media carefully selected mix between online and offline media partners Customers: men & women Collaboration with local fashion magazines and Health & SPA centers to promote Tiffany & Co "pamper yourself sweepstakes" program Wedding magazines: Bella Sublissima and Pronovias. Extensive media presence during the first 2 months Parties: launch party and "Swepstakes" party Luxury and men magazines Health & SPA centers: Spatitude, Le SPA, and SPA Sheration Lisboa (for media)
The program will target couples- 1 winner
videos/ photos will be taken by media, so as to promote the luxury lifestyle of Tiffany & Co customers Selected Luxury Magazines Selected men magazines Celebrity Endorsement: Ana Moreira (local actress)
The first appearance of the star: press conference
Wear Tiffany & Co jewelry during participation in TV shows
Commercial: prime time, especially during weekends, women TV
shows and telenovelas Provide jewelry for local TV anchors to wear: 2 TV series and TV news program
Rich Women: insights from the extravagant life of upper class women
Demonstrate how women purchase Tiffany & Co jewelry
Boa Trade (a weekly talk show, discussing topics from various aspects of women lives) - invite Caroline D. Nagiar (SVP & CMO of Tiffany & Co) To promote the image of luxury and exclusive image of Tiffany & Co To attract local men by offering them unique watches and men accessories Media Distribution of press kits Information about the company (mission/vision), bibliographies, brand image, product data sheet, news coverage, praise sheet, art-photos, contact information Organization of a launch party Stars of the night: Tiffany & Co will hire local photographers and reporters to take interviews from media guests (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) Gifts: small cosmetic bag, blue box with earrings and a ring for women & a lighter and a key holder for men Media coverage: TV, written press, online magazines/newspapers/ Main list of guests (written press) Press releases about new collections Main strategy of Tiffany & Co: combination of traditional and online media Thus, the team proposes to adopt the same strategy. Media selection: based on the new collection
e.g. new engagement collection => emphasis on wedding magazines Role of general media (women/fashion magazines) - important role in Portuguese market Information about the company Operations/current & future strategy/CSR activities/management/ new products Selected business/ economic magazines Industry Participation in Portojoia trade show (September 2013) Organized each year in Porto Different jewelers display their jewelry, watches, and gold offers Opportunity for increasing companies' networks and customer base Theme" "It's timeless. It's true. It's Tiffany's" Tiffany table: packed as the famous Tiffany blue box reminding visitors of the beauty and uniqueness of the whole Tiffany & Co experience Small gifts, champagne, and cookies for visitors Tiffany's staff: dressed in the same spirit Magical theme: the moment to create the difference in customers' minds Industry analysis Print Media: increasing circulation among the economic and business publications loss of advertising and readers main players: Cofina, Controlinveste, Impresa, Media Capital, Sonaecom, Zon Media, Lena Group decrease in advertising since 2009, except for the Internet Newspapers: Correlo da Manha (leader among the dailies) and Expresso (leader among the non-dailies) TV: dominant medium regarding audiences and advertising revenues Average spent/ day on watching TV: 3 hours and 35 minutes TV commercial channels: SIC (24.9%) and TV 1 (30.5%)- dominate the market Competition: RTP1 (22,8% market share) RTP2 (5.6% market share) Online In the first trimester of 2008 - Internet increase with 49.8% The majority of national and regional media (press, radio, TV) has a website Web-TV's: gaining popularity in the short term, but no prospects can be traced for the future Timetable Assigning Personnel Campaign Budget Pop-up shop: guests can be part of the world of Tiffany Menu: local drinks and food Evaluation techniques Must have, affordable and more desirable than custome made jewelry Product sales Positive reviews and "buzz" in the press, TV shows and magazines Positive WOM Evaluation of customers' in-store experience Survey: evaluate the overall progress Becoming a recognized player in the industry Positive reviews in trade media Future business opportunities for opening new stores in other cities based on market share/customer base/brand image/developed relationships Portojoia trade show: key role Increase of customer base/market share Thank you! Q&A
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