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English, British empire

No description

Jonas Andre Aspenes

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of English, British empire

This is what we are going to talk about. British Empire What is an empire?
General about the British empire.
Reasons they got colonies.
The area they ruled.
North America and thirteen colonies.
Asia- India
Why they lost colonies.
Positive and negative consequences loosing the colonies.
Current Territories under Britain. What happened when? 1583 British empire starts
1607 thirteen colonies
1665 British Raj
1776 American Revolution
1788 Australia
1792 first colony in Africa
1901 Australia self-governing dominion
1917 New Zealand
1917 Newfoundland
1910 South Africa
1931 Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa are Granted full independence. General about the British empire 35% of the total land area in the world
458 millions people
1997 Hong Kong What is an empire? Rule form.
Consists of many colonies. Why they got colonies Low on natural resources.
Bronze, silver, gold and other.
Power. Colonies in Africa. Failed several times.
Looking for gold
Sierra Leone.
South Africa.

Slave trade.
Diamonds and Gold.
More colonies. 1792–1961 Sierra Leone
1795–1931 Sør-Afrika
1816–1965 Gambia
1868–1966 Basutoland (Lesotho)
1874–1957 Gullkysten(Ghana)
1882–1922 Egypt
1884–1966 Bechuanaland (Botswana)
1884–1960 Britisk Somaliland
1888–1980 Sør-Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)
1890–1962 Uganda
1890–1963 Zanzibar
1891–1964 Nyasaland (Malawi)
1893–1968 Swaziland
1895–1920 Britisk Østafrika
1899–1956 Anglo-egyptisk Sudan
1900–1960 Nigeria
1911–1964 Nord-Rhodesia (Zambia)
1919–1960 Britisk Kamerun (Kamerun)
1920–1963 Kenya
1922–1961 Tanganyika (Tanzania) Colonization of Australia. Lost American colonies in 1870.
The First Fleet
11 ships
10 officers
212 marine soldiers with family
696 prisoners. The colony grew.
Gold Rush in 1850.
Exploding population.
160 000 criminals. New colonies. Why they lost their colonies. Independence. Hard to control.
First and second world war.
Modern time. Positive and Negative consequences loosing the colonies. Lost power.
Lost resources. Sources: http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liste_over_tidligere_britiske_kolonier
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Raj North America and the thirteen colonies Canada a British colony Colonies along the coast American won against the British empire India India has been a colony since 1665-1947 India was independet in 1947
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