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Education Coordinator

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of HIV/AIDS

your immune system Immune System-
Your bodies built-in defense against diseases Your immune system is supposed to protect you from infections, but HIV can sneak past it HIV attacks your immune system from the inside Without HIV treatment, your immune system becomes too weak to fight off serious illnesses and you can become sick with life threatening infections HIV & the Immune System HIV likes the CD4+ cells CD4+ cells are the cells that control the immune system CD4+ cells that have been taken over by HIV are soon destroyed This causes a decreasing number of CD4+ cells in the body over time, which means an increasingly weak immunne system When the immune system is too weak, then it can no longer protect the body from disease HIV Like all viruses, HIV cannot multiply by itself.
It must get inside a cell in order to make copies of itself HIV There is NO cure for HIV. Once you get HIV, you have it for life There are medications that you can take that can keep you healthy for a long a time Anti-HIV drugs have to be taken every day They cannot get rid of HIV, but they can keep it under control AIDS IMMUNO- SYNDROME HIV AIDS AIDS is the end stages of HIV, when the body is no longer able to fight off other illnesses and diseases HIV & AIDS are NOT the same thing You can have HIV and live your whole life and not get AIDS You can have HIV and get AIDS right away ACQUIRED DEFICIENCY If your immune system gets weak enough from the HIV, you can get very sick from other infections. These are called "opportunistic infections" meaning they take opportunity of a weak immune system
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