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What is Research?

No description

Rachel Williams

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of What is Research?

What is Research?
For 7th and 8th grade Students
By: Rachel Williams, Librarian
Gautier Middle School
Gautier, MS.

NHD ....what is that????
In that same comment box....

1. What does NHD mean to you...

2. What is one question you have
about NHD this session?
Pictures of some NHD projects!
How do I get my research and info??
What does research mean?
After this short clip, please answer on my prezi page in the comment box what does research mean to you as a student getting older and heading towards a career and college possibly? How has research changed your life or do you think it will? How has other people's research changed your life?
Picture Citations




Group or Not?
Your teacher will decide how many in a group. Only groups in the same class period of that teacher. If in a group, please get handout. You must stick with the guidelines.

This is when we go over handouts as well .
Sources to explore today are:
Google Scholar, Destiny Library
System, Magnolia Database.

Please remember Wiki is a great starting point to get a general overview of the topic but you can't cite this source.
The reason why we
cite our sources like I did the images.
Being an honest student and doing
what is right is important!
What could happen if
we cheat and plagiarize?
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