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Caroline Bobb

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Hawaii

The "Aloha State"
Bird: Nene
Mammal: Monk seal
Marine Mammal: Humpback whale
Fish: Humuhumunukunukuapua’a
Flower: Hibiscus
Tree: Kukui
Gem: Black Coral
Nickname: The Aloha State
State Information
Hawaii’s flag
Hawaii’s flag became the flag in 1816
8 stripes red white and blue represent the 8 islands
British flag to honor long relationship

First millennium, Polynesians migrate to Hawaii
Kings ruled kingdoms and chiefs under each king
Captain James Cook 1778 Sandwich island, friend Earl of Sandwich
Kamehameha III names Honolulu capital 1850
August 21, 1959 Hawaii is a state

3 active volcanoes
Over 100 tiny islands and shoals
Only island state
One submarine volcano, around 3000 feet below sea level
Average summer temp: 85 degrees
Average winter temp: 78 degrees
Diverse landscape: snow covered peaks, east lush rainforests, waterfalls, warm sandy beaches, desert like areas
Kauai greenest and wettest place on earth
Exotic landscape, many movies shot there

Princess Kaiulani
Born on October 16, 1875
Spent many hours riding her white pony
She was given an estate, Ainahau, at birth; located in Waikiki
It was near the ocean surrounded by flowers and trees

Mt. Waialeale
Shield volcano
Literally means, rippling or flowing waters
Rainiest spot on earth
Averages more than 452 inches of rain a year
Record of 683 inches
Pearl Harbor
Navy base on Oahu, major center for U.S. military power, in Pacific
December 7 1941, surprise attack from Japan
2,471 died
Many U.S. ships and planes destroyed
Attack pushed U.S. into World War 2

The Hula
Polynesians who settled in Hawaii created a dance
Traditionally performed with a song or chant called a mele
They also use ukuleles and ipus
When performing they wear grass skirts and leis
They wear leis around their necks, heads, wrists, and ankles
The Hula used to be performed to honor the Hawaiian gods or powerful chief
Still important to culture
Many children take hula lessons
The Hula is usually performed during festivals and luaus

Hawaiian words
Aloha- hello/goodbye
Mahalo- thank you
Hana- work
Akamai- smart; clever
Hale- house or home
Hula- Hawaiian dance
Kane- man
Wahine- woman or female
Keiki- children
Kokua- help
Wikiwiki- fast
Ohana- family
Luau- party

General Facts
Population: 1.392 million
Main industries: Sugar Cane, pineapples, macadamia nuts
Land area: 10,932 sq. mi.
State abbreviation: HI

Fun Facts
1500 kinds of seashells
Iolani palace is the only royal place in the U.S.A
produce more macadamia nuts than anywhere in the world
Only 12 letters in Hawaiian alphabet

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