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Internet Addiction

No description

Pathushani Ganesan

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction
Internet Addiction!
Signs and Symptoms!
What is internet Addiction?
Are you addicted?
How to prevent/Recover from your addiction
Elements of internet addiction
What Is Videogame Addiction?
Usually starts at a young age
Affects social lives and educational prospects

"Studies show that videogame addiction amongst young individuals can cause decreased academic achievement, declines in verbal memory performance & the subjects can sometimes sacrifice education and key social time crucial for social development"
(Kuss & Griffiths)

Online Gaming Addiction -
What's The Difference?
~ Continuity

Negative Personality traits
caused by Online VG Addiction
Avoidant interpersonal tendencies
Lonliness and Introversion
Social inhibition

Aggression and hostility

Boredom inclination
Sensation seeking
Two Components
What Is Internet?
Network of a large range of information
What is Addiction?
Obsessive Engagement
Compulsive Use
Mark D Griffiths
(Renowned Psychologist)
Salience (High Importance)
Mood modification (Subjective Experience/Coping Strategy)
Tolerance (Increased time to acheive a certain mood)
Withdrawal symptoms (Unpleasant Feeling)
Relapse (Repeated Use)
--- Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc)
---Videos (Movies, Series, Netflix)
---Online shopping
---Online dating
Social Media has become a major addiction in the lives of many people, and it also has a psychological impact.

Age Groups:
Online Videogame Addiction:
Social Media:
Internet Addiction –
Age Group
Who’s affected more?
How Bad is Your Addiction?
Social Media
Social Media has become a major addiction to many individuals, and it has had a psychological impact in the lives of many people.

'In 2012, Anxiety UK conducted a survey on social media use and its effects on emotions.
The survey found that 53% of participants said social media sites had changed their behavior, while 51% of these said the change had been negative.' (Medical News Today)
5 Types Of Social Media
Social Network
– This enables connectivity with other individuals across the globe who are using the same social media platform.

Social News
– This enables people to post what is happening across the globe, or access links to articles, and then enables users to vote on items.

Media Sharing
– This enables you to create and share various media globally. For example, various media such as videos and pictures.

– This is when services mainly focus on short updates to those who have subscribed/followed to those updates. For example, Twitter.

Blog Comments and Forums
– This is when online forums allow users to hold conversations by messaging.

The Daily telegraph posted an article, in which it states that a person is addicted to social media is whenever they are doing a certain activity they will post it up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Etc.

Facts and Figures of Social Media Addiction:

350 Million
users suffer from “Facebook Addiction Syndrome”
Average user spends
15 minutes
on YouTube Daily.
If a Twitter was a country it would be the
12th largest in the world
3 Million
New blogs are created online monthly.

5 Million Images
are uploaded by Instagram users everyday.

Linked In signs up
2 new members
every second.

30 Billion
Pieces of content is shared on Facebook.

Users on YouTube spend
2.9 billion hours per month
. (1/3 Of The World Population)

Videos have become another form of addiction for many users. For example Applications such as YouTube, Dailymotion Etc

Shopping Addiction
Also Called “

- Widespread of internet has made it easier for shoppers to purchase products at a touch of a button.

- Constant availablitity

Stats Of Shopping Addiction
Online Survey Conducted By CreditDonkey.Com

of people said they enjoy online shopping due to special offers.
said their main reason for using credit cards is due to the lack of physical money.
experience a rush of excitement when they go shopping.

Survey: Shopping Addiction Statistics  Survey: Shopping Addiction Statistics. Available at: http://www.creditdonkey.com/shopping-addiction.html (Accessed: 15th December 2014).

Social media: how does it really affect our mental health and well-being? (no date) Social media: how does it really affect our mental health and well-being?. Social media: how does it really affect our mental health and well-being? Available at: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/275361.php (Accessed: 11 February 2015).

20 Stunning Social Media Statistics Plus Infographic (no date). 20 Stunning Social Media Statistics Plus Infographic - Jeffbullas’s Blog. Available at: http://www.jeffbullas.com/2011/09/02/20-stunning-social-media-statistics/ (Accessed: 11th December 2014).

How real a risk is social media addiction? How real a risk is social media addiction? Available at: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/how-

Available at: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/social-media/10304570/12-signs-that-youre-addicted-to-social-media.html (15/11/2014) - The Daily Telegraph (Accessed: 26 January 2015).real-a-risk-is-social-media-addiction/ (Accessed: 16 December 2014).

Males under the age of 30, have a higher risk of IAD (Online Addiction – Who is at Risk? N/A).
Under 19: 35%, 19-30: 30% and Over 30: 25%

Younger people - Average age
- than middle aged people Hendrick (2010)

(Hepburn 2013) -
Young Males - (18 - 30)

Old people VS Younger people?
The Relationship between Excessive Internet Use and Depression:

- Morrison’s and Gore’s - 1319 People
- Older people: Gambling websites
- Young people: Chat websites

- Sex difference - Women: Research, Email & Chat
Men: Sex sites, Games, Browsing

- (Morrision and Gore, 2010) (Clarke and Hitchenor, 2014).

Internet addiction is a phenomenon containing many different elements with many similarities

Around 7.9 % children are addicted to the internet as opposed to adults aged between 20 – 49 (6.8%)

(BRANDT, 2006) (Internet Addiction Statistics, N/A) (Wieland, 2005, pp. 153–161)

(Internet Addiction Statistics, N/A)
(SodaHead, 2012)

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SodaHead (no date). Public Opinion, Polls and Discussion on SodaHead. Available at: http://www.sodahead.com/ (Accessed: 27 January 2015).

---Pornography Addiction
---Information addiction
--- Gaming Addiction
--- Restrict access

--- Delete social networks

--- Occupy yourself
Internet Pornography Addiction
What is internet pornography addiction?

How is addiction formed?

Are you addicted?

Desensitization/Male Dominance
Escaping from the real world
How Do They Fall Into Place?
Communication at it's best
An Onion Adiction
The Fun Part
The Bit Nobody Reads
Learn to live once Again
A study shows that
18.3% from 371
students were considered to be
Internet users.
(‘Making population geography’, 2005, pp. 43–1089) (Niemz, Griffiths and Banyard, 2005, pp. 43–1089).

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(BBC 2013)
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Aviv, W., Laura, F., and Rosenber, K.P. (2014) ‘Internet Addiction Disorder: Overview and Controversies’. in Behavioral Addictions: Criteria, Evidence, and Treatment. Rosenber, K.P. and Feder, L.C. United States: Academic Press

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Weinsten, A. and Dikla, D. (2015) Internet Addiction Is Associated with Social Anxiety in Young Adults.
The Big Question:
Are You Addicted?
By Mansur, Pathushani,
Meme, Abbas & Sagar

Negative Physical Effects
Physical consequences include:
carpal tunnel
sleep disturbances
eating irregularities
poor personal hygiene
"It has been argued that the 24/7 nature and almost mandatory play required in online gaming makes it more problematic for at risk individuals" (Kuss & Griffiths)
"Researchers at Cardiff, Derby & Nottingham Trent University said that some gamers play up to 90 hours per session, developing a pathological addiction" (BBC)
Social Community

Co-Op gameplay

Guilds - Social cliques within the virtual world
Negative Psychological Effects
"Websense INC claimed that accessing porn was the
leading cause at a rate of 42% for disciplinary action
or termination at the workplace" (Young)
“I was a company’s worst nightmare, I would always come in with big expectations. But over time, more and more of my time and energy was in pursuit of porn.” (Leahy)
"Seventy percent of all online porn access occurs during the 9 a.m.-5 p.m. workday." (SHRM.com)
"Male individuals who viewed sexually explicit films dislayed attitudes of abusive dominance, increased anxiety and rejected sexual offers from their partners more often than individuals who did not watch sexually explicit films" (Mulac, Jansma, Linz)
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