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Learn about the new Changes in Google search and how to optimize your Google+ Local Page for Business with Google Business Photos

Erin Parker

on 28 February 2015

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Transcript of Google

"They say a year in the Internet business is like a dog year...equivalent to seven years in a regular person's life. In other words, it's evolving faster and faster."
-Vinton Cerf, US Technology Guru
Things to Consider from the Videos
Every Second on the
684,478 items are shared on Facebook
2 million Google Search Queries
48 hours of video is uploaded
47,000 Apps are downloaded
3,600 Instagram Photos are Shared
571 websites are created
$272,000 is spent on line
100,000 Tweets go out every 10 Seconds
340,000 years of video are watched everyday

There are 6.8 Billion People on the Planet and 4 billion of them have a mobile phone
25% of all Americans only use a smart phone to access the internet
Having a video on the landing page of your website makes it 53% more likely to show up on page 1 of Google
95% of smart phone users look up local information on the internet
61% Call a Business
59% will visit the business
Continue coming or watching the Fort Walton Beach Chamber's
Lunch and Learn Series
for more information on
Social Media
Reputation Management
Video Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
and Pay Per Click Marketing
On to the 800 Pound Gorilla in the Room
Whether you think of that gorilla like this
or this
or even this
Google Dominates Internet Search
So why does Google dominate Internet Search?
The Quality of Their Content

Content is King in Search

Finish this sentence.

People go on the internet to_____________?
Find Something!
What's a great tool to help you find something?
Why is Google Maps so popular?

Let's take a look at the new features...

Very Cool. How does Google do it?
Google Car
Google Trike
Google Divers
Google Trekkers
Claim your place on Google Places for Business and call one of your Local Trusted Independent Photographers who work with the Google Business Photos program.
And Now Google is expanding their Street View Technology to go inside of businesses with a 360° Virtual Tour. Lets see what that looks like.
You may be thinking, "That's great for a retail store or restaurant but how does Google Maps help my rankings on Google Search?"

Let's take a look at what's new with Google...
Remember the statistics from earlier?
Google is #1 because they provide their users with the best possible content that is most relevant to the search the user made.

Google wants to continue providing their users with the best possible content and they are constantly changing their search algorithms and search matrices to ensure that the best content is delivered to their users. Why?
Google is now harnessing the power of Google Maps to deliver the best possible content to their users who use both traditional computers and mobile devices.
So what is Digital Marketing?
Notice What's Missing?

Where have the ads Gone?
Reviews are now a very important part of Google Search
(more on that later)
If you needed an orthodontist how likely is it that you'd schedule a consultation with Dr. Grace?
What one business owner has to say about
Google Business Photos
Business now have the ability to showcase their most vital information with on large FREE Google+ Local for Business Listing
A Google+ Local for Business Page allows you to

Create a Place on the Google Maps Interface
List your Phone Number
Business Hours
Provides a Link to Your Website
Hosts Your Customer Reviews
You can Post Photos of Your Business
It will Also Show your Latest Posts Made from your Business Google+ Account (More on that Later)
Let's Investigate the Google+ For Business Page a Little More
All of the information on the Google Maps Page is Pulled from the Google+ Local Page

Let's Compare Dr. Grace's page to another page that has not been verified
Here is another other Opportunity Dr. Grace has to Optimize his Google+ Page
Any post you would make about your Business to your other accounts You should post to Google+
Google Will Search and give more credit to content posted on its own products


Learn more about What things you should and shouldn't be posting on Social Media and how to do it quickly and effectively at next week's Social Media session
Google will also provide you the code to embed this tour back into your own website.
(Hint -that's the Grandaddy of all Back Links)
Dr. Grace has not Posted any content on his Google+ Page Yet
That sounds like a lot of extra work.

What's the big deal? Is it really worth my time?

I already have lot of Fans on Facebook
What can Google+ do for Me?

I don't have a Google Places for Business
How do I set one up?

Some added benefits to your new gmail account

You can use this account to manage your Business YouTube Account
You can set up Google Alerts that will send you notifications on things that are being posted about your business, your competitors or your industry
You can use this account to manage your Google Business Calendar, Google Documents or any other Google product you use for your business
It takes about 20 minutes to set up a page
Google spent $585 Million Dollars on creating Google+. Yeah, they think its a big deal
How do I optimize my Google+ Page?
I have claimed my listing but
I'm not showing up in Google Places.

What's up with that?

Get the Word out about Your Business

Make sure to attend the
Reputation Management Series
and learn how to get your business
listed on directory sites like Yelp
to Target New Customers

So What else has Google Cooked Up?
How do I get Google to come to my business and do a tour?
Erin Parker
Jason Parker
Virtual tours that have been done by
companies other than those that use
Google Trusted Photographers are
not eligible to be hosted on the
Google Maps Interface
(See the list at the end of this presentation of local Chamber members who can provide guidance in using these services)
The New Google Carousel
How are Images chosen for the Google Carousel?
Great Info on why Photos are
Important for your Listing
More Informational videos on Google Places for Business are at the end of this presentation
I get great responses from my print ads and direct mail campaigns.
Can Google Business Photos help me with those?
Direct mail is another great way to engage customers
(Ever get a mail marketing piece from Google?
The #1 online marketing company in the world?)
Simply have your advertising representative insert a QR Code on your print ad or direct mail piece with a link to your virtual tour.
I create my own marketing pieces
How do I get a QR Code?
Go to a free QR generating site like QR Me
and paste the link to our tour in the URL

(yes, that's trillion)
(since google now requires people to have a Google+ account to leave reviews the business owner can now respond to that person and interact with them on their Google+ Page)
Hint- This Video is a great example of how the photographer used a customer testimonial to promote Both businesses at the same time.
This is a Big Deal - Watch for the Postcard or Letter
Hint - This is an informational video that a social media marketer created to share his knowledge and gain status as an expert in his field. What information can you share with your customers or potential new customers in a video like this?
Hint - Screen Capture videos like this are created using Quicktime
So Google spent $585 Million on the new
Google+ and Google+ Local Programs...
What's in it for them?

I get that reviews are really important
How do I get someone to review my Business on Google+ and other sites?

Great 10 minute video on
ideas to get reviews

Go Local! Search the New chamber App to find a member to
help you out with your printed materials
Attend the Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Series to find out how to tie in all the things you learn in the series get to the top of Google Maps and Google Search to get more customers!
This 30 minute video
will give you all the
keys you need to
optimize your
Google+ Page
From Google's Terms of Service
Back to Our Statistics
Can you guess what google is going to do
sell you an ad
But not just any add.
These ads are hyper targeted to
local search and are very powerful

Google sells advertising space on the internet with Pay Per Click Ads

Google reported earnings of
$50 Billion in 2012

Google made $50 Billion Dollars because
Pay Per Click works
Creating an effective pay per click campaign is Equal parts Art and Science

Pay Per click advertising should be done with the Help of a professional
Teaser Video Come Back next weel for the Social Media Series
Keep Clicking for additional training videos and Articles
We're all done.

Thanks for your time!

I hope you got some
new ideas on how to
Grow Your Business
Here's a search for Orthodontists in Ft. Walton Beach
Let's see how they are changing search results
Hovering Over the Google Maps Listing Kicks out the information for the Google+ Local Page
QR Codes with lots of information may not scan well on all phones. Especially if the QR code is small. Test with several phones before placing your print order!!!
Hint- There are 15 videos in this presentation
Let's get ready to Rumble for next week!
The New Rules in Google Search &
How to Get the Most Out of Your
Google+ Local Page for Business
Part 1 of The Greater Fort Walton Beach Chamber's Series
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About
Digital Marketing But Were Afraid to Ask
Presented By Erin Parker
Emerald Coast Real Estate Photography
850-776-7227 erin@ecrep.co
Create Your Own
Personal Maps in Google Maps
Why You Need A True Mobile Website
More Info on Mobile Ads For Google
Why Video Marketing is for Everyone
The Time for Mobile is Now
How to Position Your Business to
Take Advantage of Changes in Google+ Local
Erin Parker
Hint - This is a video a SEO Company made to share their expertise with their clients and potential clients that gives them Expert Status. What kind of video could you make to share your knowledge?
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