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Classroom Rules & Procedures

No description

April Jones

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Classroom Rules & Procedures

Mrs. Jones Classroom Expectations and Procedures
Classroom Expectations (aka Rules)...
Daily Procedure...
1. Log on to the computer and start bell work immediately. I will start the timer as soon as the tardy bell rings.

2. Check the board for daily assignments.

3. Return materials you utilize to their proper place and clean workspace before leaving the room.

4. Backpacks should be left in the lockers or under your desk.

School Policy...
Classroom Expectations...
Be polite, respectful, and positive toward classmates and your teacher.

Listen when your teacher or another student is speaking.

No profanity.
Classroom Expectations...
Come to class prepared to learn. Have materials ready. If your class has a textbook grab it on your way to your seat.
Classroom Expectations...
4. PATIENT - Do not line up at the door. Stay in your seat. I will dismiss you when the bell rings.

End of class procedure:
*Save your work.
*Log off your computer.
*Throw trash away
*Wait in your seat for dismissal.
*Push your chair in when leaving.
Hall Pass...
Restroom breaks will be allowed as long as the privilege is not abused.
Using the Pass!
1. No restroom breaks during instruction or within the first and last 10 minutes of class

2. You have 3 bathroom passes per 6 weeks.

3. Raise your hand and give the “Signal”

4. Fill out your pass and hand it to me.
Computer Lab Rules...
* #1 Report any damage immediately.

* No food or drink in the lab area. Closed bottled water may be kept at the front of the room.

* Do not unplug or switch any equipment (mouse, keyboard, etc).

* Never change anything - icons, programs, screen savers, mouse settings, or default settings on any computer in the lab.

* No touching the monitor or other student's computers - Keep your hands, feet, etc. to yourself.

* No CD's, Disks, Jump Drives, or Electronic Devices. Do not plug anything into these computers or download anything without permission. No music or videos without permission.

* Ask permission to print. Print to WHS F110 HP4240

*Treat your computer well or your privileges will be revoked and could result in office referral.
* Pencils only, no ink pens.
Logging On...
User Name: firstname.lastname
password: student id

Change your password and don't share it!

Turning in Assignments...
* Electronically- S Drive. This folder will be used for all electronic files I give to you and that you turn into me. Make sure YOU save your work (and save it often)!

* Turn in papers in the black basket on my desk.
Listening to Music...
At certain times during the class I will allow you to listen to music.

During these times I expect:
1. Only one earbud.
2. Volume low enough I can't hear it.
3. When music time is over I expect that you will put your device out of sight.

If these expections are not followed then we will not have the privilege of listening to music in this class.
Dress Code...

Follow your student handbook.

You will be sent out for blatant violations.
Cell Phones...
You know the District Policy

Your cell phone should be out of sight (in your pocket, backpack, purse, etc) unless I have designated the time for listening to music. After music time is over pleaseput it away.

One Warning, then your phone will be taken up and kept for the remainder of the class period.
Seating Assignments
I will let you choose your seat the first week of school. I will make a seating chart then and that is your seat.

If we have problems, I will choose your seat for you and remake the seating chart.
Classroom Expectations
3. FOCUS -
Follow directions the first time they are given, stay on task, and turn in assignments on time.
Consequences or Rewards?
It's your choice!

Verbal Warning

Time Out” in classroom/hall

Telephone parent/note to parent

Change in seat assignment

Parent conference

Lunch dentention

Administrator referral

High fives!


Extra credit points!

I will brag on you! Bragging note to parent!

Listen to music while working!
Sign in on the tardy sheet by the door.
You will receive an office referral for every 5th tardy.
Make Up Work...
*Check the Make Up Work folder for your class and class period in the crate.

*You have o ne day for every day missed plus 2 additional days.

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