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All about Ava!!!!!!!

No description

Library Media

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of All about Ava!!!!!!!

My favorite hobbies are sports and I like to play soccer softball basketball and swimming. But my favorite is soccer!!!!
I have a awesome life but the best part is i have a family that cares for me.
My friends
My friends names are.....Lilly Odom Lauren Maggie Mary Frances Emily McKenzie Blair Landon Connor Leo Ray Ethan Jacob Matthew and Jack
I am in 3rd grade with my favorite teacher ever!! And her name is Mrs. Mitchell she is awesome!!! my favorite subject is reading it rules!!!!!
All about me!!!
I hope that you like my prezi because that is it THE END!!!!!!!
All about Ava!!!!!!!
I like to play outside with friends if there is no one to play with i will play inside.
What I like to do and play
I like to throw and swing and draw.
my family
I have one mom and a dad and two sisters that care for me. Two brothers that care for me. My mom's name is Laura and my dad's name is William my name is Ava my other sister's name is Abby and my other sister's name is Annabel and last but not least my brothers name's are Liam and Win.And that is my Family!!!!
But..... My favorite friends out of all of those is... My FAMILY!!!
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