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8 Interesting Chinese Festival and Evnts

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Takahito Inoue

on 2 December 2016

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Transcript of 8 Interesting Chinese Festival and Evnts

8 Interesting Chinese Festival and Evnts
Lusheng Festival
Chinese New Year
Mid Autumn Festival
Dragon Boat Festival
It is known asSpring Festival
based on Chinese lunar calender
it is the festival including eating reunion dinner with family
Red envelop
new clothes
is celebrated on month 8 day 15 of China's lunar calender
it is still the second most important festival after Chinese New Year
The festival means family and peace.
The festival is cerebrated when the moon is belived to be biggest and fullest!!
it's a folk festival full of traditional and superstitions
it is originating from dragon worship
Dragon boat racing is said to originate from the legend of people paddling out on boats to seek the body of patriotic Qu Yuan(343-278BC) who drowned himself in the Miluo river
The festival is the most important festival of the Miao community
It is popular throughout Guizhou Yunnan,and Sichuan provinces!
The festival in Kaili, Guizhou is the most famous and grandest of the all
Harbin International Ice Festival
10~15 million visitors annually
world's biggest ice sculpture snow sculpture
the festival is Harbin's main tourist highlight. it started about 17 years ago and it has become the
world's biggest winter festival
Tibet Shoton Festival
It celebrates eating yogurt! the Tibetan monks who end their season of meditation
The festival has become a comprehensive celebration that influences the culture of Tibet
Shanghai Festival
the festival is also an ideal city to get a colorful view into traditional Chinese festival and events
Old Shanghai and traditional Chinese culture thrive beneath the modern and impressive high rises of the city
Traditional festivals are celebrated hand in hand with modern or western festival such as Christmas or Halloween
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