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Gravity Falls

No description

Jordan Ruttle

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls
Episode Production
A single episode takes 10 months to produce

The story is first developed by a team of writers.

Alex Hirsh and Michael Rianda heavily revise most scripts before they are due, often staying up 48 hours.

Then it's brought to the board artists, revisions are made, restaging occurs.

It's pitched to the network, if it works it moves on to the next stage. If not, more revisions are made.

It heads to Art Department

Key locations are determined by the Location Designers.
They do thumbs, roughs, final tie downs, and send backgrounds to the paint department. (Prop design is also handled by the Art Department)

The Animation Department then handles the animatics, character design, & timing
While working at Cartoon Network, Alex Hirsch's student film caught the attention of Disney and he was asked to pitch a series idea (around 2008).

Alex Hirsch asked a friend, Brigette Barrager to work on rough character designs.

Concept and development work was done and a pilot episode was commissioned from House of Cool.

“We all have dark horrible secrets. That 11 minute Flash pilot was mine.”

Gravity Falls was approved for series.
Gravity Falls
Created by Walt Disney Television Animation

Ongoing series that begin in 2012, it's slated to return to the Disney Channel this summer

Currently consists of 20 episodes and 6 shorts

Alex Hirsch based the entire series from his childhood summer he would spend with his twin sister, Ariel.
Show Stats
Art Department
29 People

Bill Flores + Sean Jimenez – location designers for all episodes
+5 more
+2 that also worked storyboarding

Andy Gonsalves – Prop designer for all episodes
+1 that also worked storyboard

Mark Garcia – storyboard supervisor
6 storyboard revisionists
6 storyboard artists
5 storyboard artists/revisionists
3 people work in both design and as storyboard artists
The revisionists tend to have the highest episode count (19/6, artists 9/3)
Show creators gathered fan support for the show, by

- sharing developmental artwork on blogs
- live tweeting shows
- sharing behind the scenes tidbits
- live appearances

Publicized the show at events to gather interest

Codes and Hidden Messages were used
entice curious fans deeper into the show
Animation Department – 30

8 timing director
2 Color Stylists
2 animatic editors
7 background painters
8 character designers
Robert Lacko - Character clean up

Paul Robertson was brought in for 1 episode

One animator (Adam Temple) was brought in to animate a few sequences in the pilot

Animation is outsourced to:
Digital eMation (animation production)
Rough Draft Korea Co. Ltd (animation production)
Mosquito Productions (script clearance)
House of Cool (pilot)
Series Editorial Department
Treasure Rawson – post-production coordinator
+ 3 assistant editors

Other crew – 22
Dialogue Director – Ginny McSwain
Script coordinator - 2
Talent coordinator - 2
Production Secretary – Kate Moran

Production coordinator - 4
Production associate - 1
Production control -1
Technical Director - 2
Continuity coordinator - 2
Story Editor - 2
Digital coordinator – 2

Music – Brad Joseph Breeck
+ 11 man sound department
Advantage Audio (post-production sound services)
Production Design – Phil Rynda
Art Direction – Ian Worrel
Creative Director – Michael Rianda

Episodes directed by
John Aoshima
Joe Pitt
Aaron Springer

Alex Hirsch is lead writer
Timothy McKeon has worked on 8 episodes
8 other writers are credited

There's a cast of 5 main voice actors with many other reoccurring actors
- No Disney Store approved merchandise at the moment (March 2014)
- Hirsch wants to produce a toy lineup of the Gravity Falls cast in the future
(Welovefine.com) is a community website that creates merchandise "for fans, by fans".
They recently held a T-shirt contest and final designs were judged by Alex Hirsch.

Fan-made merchandise of
Gravity Falls
- T-shirts
- Caps
- Posters
- Bags

(Fast food chain) gave out
Gravity Falls
lunch bags as part of their kids meal deal.
Fish Hooks, Phineas and Ferb, Wander Over Yonder, Wizards of Waverly Place, The Replacements, The Suite Life on Deck, Jessie, Good Luck Charlie, Pair of Kings, Sonny with a Chance, Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing world of Gumball, Dog with a blog, The marvelous misadventures of flapjack, Shake it up. Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil, A.N.T Farm, Austin and Ally, The Fairly Oddparents.
These are a few other current popular shows that Gravity Falls competes with.
The format of the show Gravity Falls is meant to be enjoyed by both adults and children, they must compete against a wide range of other television shows that appeal to the same wide age demographic.
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