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How to make a great Prezi presentation

Need Prezi design, training or support? We have Prezi eBooks, training programmes, and a specialist Prezi design team. Stand out from the crowd with a little help from your friends at Allcow Communications. www.jim-harvey.com @impacttips

Jim Harvey

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of How to make a great Prezi presentation

Why us?
Prezi training
Prezi design
We offer
Why not have us build your first Prezi?
For details-
We've been doing it for years
With global companies like these...
JP Morgan Chase
The first step?
If you want to stand out from the crowd
Then we can show you how to use it?
A complete Prezi Team...
Pitch doctor
A presentation is a story and the story needs to be written.
Prezi is easy to use once you understand what it can do.
Because Prezi is brilliant for making a massive visual impact.
The best presentations need a detached, clinical point of view...
...at your service
© 2012 Jim Harvey Allcow Communications
Email: jim.harvey@allcow.com;
Website: http://www.jim-harvey.com
Telephone (UK) +44 (0)1832 272 773
Allcow Communications is a consulting, sales and training company helping European businesses and organisations make the most of their people, skills and opportunities.
Build your brilliant story
Feel confident with Prezi
Understand visual impact
Most stories can be sharpened
Prezi Design & Training
Contact us here:
About us:
We've been helping global companies deliver brilliant messages with Prezi for 4 years.
Saatchi & Saatchi
Why not work with the people who wrote the book
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