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Should Newspapers Shut Down Their Presses?

No description

Jonathan Marks

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Should Newspapers Shut Down Their Presses?

Should NewsPapers Shut Down Their Presses? YES! They saw it coming from miles away... How could they adapt? Micropayments?
Walled Content?
Kindle/iPad? iTunes Pennies and dimes "With old economics destroyed, organizatoinal forms perfected for industrial production have to be replacedwith structures optimized for digital data" Publishing makes something available to the public. PROBLEM=Publishing Cost Internet = No Publishing Cost We Don't Need Newspapers We Need JOURNALISM NO! Best Chance of Survival....!? No worse off than other media outlets (TV, Radio, Magazines) 2 to 3 million viewers of news on TV Internet is growing rapidly but it just got started.... Will people pay for online content? FREE Are young people desiring news? News readers under age 30 has dropped significantly. Well Positioned Newspapers are positioned better than any other news outlet to provide the most comprehensive package of local and daily news on the Web! You got the goods? Deliver however end users need it! New forms of communication
rarely eliminates the old ones
Movies Vs. Novels

TV Vs. Radio Vision + Creativity = Survival of Newspapers " I'd bet on success sooner than I'd bet on failer" Newspapers Advantage ! Monopoly Status Newsgathering Power Best Customers Attention Brand Name Profits Localism MY SIDE = YES
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