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Ruby Bridges

Amber Whitley and Angie Hernandez

Amber Whitley

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges The Story of Ruby Bridges Morning of November 14th at William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans
Federal Marshals escorted Ruby to school
Once in school two Federal Marshals walked in front and behind Ruby for protection
"Ruby Nell don't be afraid. There might be some people upset outside, but I'll be with you." What Happened to Ruby Bridges? Second Grade
No protestors, no marshals, even other black students
Mrs. Henry was fired

Graduated from an integrated High School Aftermath of Ruby Bridges First Grade Year Brown vs. Board of Education
psychological and educational test
only six children selected to attend
Parents decision
step forward for not only her but for all african american children
age 6 entering 1st grade
better education, better job later on Why do you think that only 6 of the many african american children were allowed to attend integrated schools?

If you were Ruby's parents what would you have done?

If you were Ruby, a 6 year old first grader at the time, would you have gone to school? What were the conditions that led up to this event? Mrs. Henry was Ruby's teacher
Ruby was the only one in the class
"Remember, if you get afraid, say your prayers."
Her father was fired from his job
Her grandparents in Mississippi also suffered
Supports sent letters and donations
Dr. Robert Coles, Ruby's psychiatrist Days at William Frantz Elementary School became honorary deputy marshal
inspired children everywhere to integrate
realized that segregation was wrong and they put a stop to it
mother said it would be a step forward not just for Ruby but for all other black children The effects on society "Someone had a black doll in a coffin, and that scared me more than the nasty things people screamed at us" Questions? " Never Forget the story of Ruby Bridges" Ruby Bridges Parents Abon and Lucille Bridges
Disagreed with his wife
Father thought they were just asking for trouble
He thought things were never going to change
Whites would never treat blacks equally
Mother thought differently
Ruby could have a better education
She would be the stepping stone for the others to follow suit
Ruby had to take a risk and go to that school no matter what
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