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Ottoman Empire Prezi

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Alicia H

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of Ottoman Empire Prezi

The July Crisis:
The Ottoman Empire Our Empire, the Ottoman Empire, was founded by Osman I in the late 13th century. It started out as one of the small turkish states that formed after the empire of the Seljuk Turks fell apart. Soon it began to take over many of the other Turkish states, and when Muhammad II came into power, all other Turkish Dynasties fell. The Ottoman empire has ruled from the Balkan Peninsula to the Middle East and North Africa. It reached it's peak during the mid-1500's at the end of the reign of Süleyman I. At this time our empire only controls the Asia Minor, and portions within the Balkans and the Middle East.
This map gives a clear depiction of how large our empire became over time. The red line indicates the extent of our conquering over other lands and countries. The shaded regions show the time in which we accquired these various pieces of land. This map shows the extent of our empire at this current moment in time. The strategic straight that Turkey controls at this time is the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus sea routes between the Black Sea and the Mediteranean. The Bosphorus straight separates the European part of Turkey, Rumeli, from the Asian part of Turkey, Anadolu. Its strategic importance is very high because of the several different international treaties that has governed vessels using the surrounding waters. The Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Turkish Straits is one of these treaties.
The Dardanelles straight is the counterpart of the Bosphorus straight, and it also separates Europe from the mainland of Asia. It has always been considered strategic throughout history, and is considered so because it gives us access to the Sea of Marmora. Thus it also gives access to the Turkish capital Constantinople.
There are a few reasons why we as a country feel that we must go to war. These included both long and short term reasons. The long term reasons include the great sense of nationalism that the center of our empire has is very great. Unfortunately, we have had many conflicts with the Balkan countries within our control, for they feel that they should have unruled liberty across their lands. They have already caused two wars within the last few years, which include the first Balkan War and the Second Balkan War. We have lost a large amount of territory because of it. At the moment the Ottoman empire's greatest focus is retaining the land that we have control over. However, we are also in a state of great financial debt at the moment. If other countries were to offer the empire assistance in paying off this debt in exchange for joining the war, we may have no choice but to take up this offer.
Long & Short Term Reasons The Ottoman Empire
May Need to go to War History of the Ottoman Empire Proposal of Peace Our empire proposes that, in order to prevent this great war from occuring, compromises can be made. These compromises are stated as such:
We are willing to fully ally with countries who will aid us financially.
We will not declare war upon Britain is they cease in helping the Arab National Movement.
We will help Austria-Hungary solve its conflict with Serbia in a peaceful manner if they agree to help us reinstate Serbia back into our empire once more.
We will provide use of our strtegic straights to nations who are willing to ally with us by way of treaties if they help us gain back our lost territory and help to maintain the land we have now. Short term reasons why we as the Ottoman Empire feel that me may need to go war is because of the Assination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria that occurred last month. Austria-Hungary is now threatening to go to war with Serbia, a country we previously had control over. If tensions keep rising between these two lands, it is only a matter of time before war breaks out across Europe. As an empire we will not allow ourselves to sit on the sidelines of such a great war. As stated before, we would be willing to ally with any nation willing to help us out of our debt. We also will no longer stand to have Imperial Britian aiding the Arab National Movement that is taking place. If we lose any more of our territory because of it, we may need to declare war against this nation.
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