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Robotics technician

No description

on 12 December 2017

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Transcript of Robotics technician

Career research
Related Occupations
business programmers
mechanical engineering
Skills, Values, Interests and Work setting
Knowledge of computers, computer programming, computer languages

People who work in this occupation prize support, as well value good working conditions

Computers, robotics, electronics

Work setting
Plants, but could expand to wherever robots are used.

I took a robotics class and it sparked my interest in this field.
My holland's code is realistic and color is gold.
I think the assessments do reflect me because of occupations that have my skills that I am strong in.
Three institutions/colleges/univerties
Ball State University
Muncie, IN

Chaffey College
City of Rancho Cucamonga, California

Central Connecticut State University
New Britain, CT
The yearly is $55,764

The growth is slower than average
The occupation the I chose to do is Robotics Technican.

Robotic technicians fixes robots by electronics, hydraulics, manufacturing and microprocessing.

I chose Robotics technician because I am interested in technology and want to learn more about robotics. Also, there will be more jobs dealing with technology. Technology is growing and will continue to grow.
Electronics and Electricity Technology
Engineering Technology
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Industrial Mechanics

Potential majors
Average salary
Studies typically concentrate on hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, CADD/CAM (computer-assisted design and drafting, and computer-assisted manufacturing) systems, and microprocessors.

Two-year associate's degree in robot technology.
Training includes instruction on how to maintain hydraulic valves and how to operate electronic systems. Robotic manufacturers arrange training programs to teach employees how to assemble or operate robots and their related electronic systems.
Robotics manufacturers provide on-the-job training.
The assessment show occupations that require skills that I am strong in. Therefore, I think that this assessment does reflect me.
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