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Digital Face for Formative Assessment

A brief summary of the significant impact formative assessment has on educational practice and a few high tech ways to incorporate it into your classroom.

Michelle Elia

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Digital Face for Formative Assessment

Using QR codes and Socrative as formative assessment tools in your classroom. Digital Face to Formative Assessment Formative assessment is a process, providing teachers with information needed to adjust teaching and learning while it is still happening. It is an understanding check for the student (self assessment) and a benchmark check for teachers to assist in planning instruction, remediation, and future assessments. What is formative assessment? Formative Assessment http://www.classtools.net QR Codes PROCESS TEST Formative
Assessment High Achievement re - teach, remediate re - assess research based Pre Assessment self assessment peer assessment mini quiz red light, green light 4 corners exit slips dry erase boards graphic organizers QR code quiz PRS observations http://wvde.state.wv.us/teach21/ExamplesofFormativeAssessment.html http://www.stemresources.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=52&Itemid=70 Some wonderful formative assessment links: ‘Nothing that we do to, or for, our students is more important than our assessment of their work and the feedback we give them on it. The results of our assessment influence our students for the rest of their lives and careers – fine if we get it right, but unthinkable if we get it wrong.’
Race, Brown and Smith (2005), 500 Tips on Assessment Student Response System Socrative Digital Tools for Formative Assessment App : QR Code Machine http://www.qrstuff.com/ Allows you to create one QR code and email it to yourself or others. You can then paste the code in documents, webpages, or print it. Quick! no computer necessary! Click on QR game generator.
This allows you to create a 5 question quiz, with answers. The quiz is assigned its own url, to reference later.
You can print the quiz (and hang it around the room) or have students access it online.
You must have at least 5 questions. This online tool allows you to create a singular QR code. You can embed it (hmtl), print it, or save the file. You can create a folder with unlimited QR codes using this site. The QR code can link to words, pictures, a website, even a youtube video. This site is great because it is quick and makes ONE code. Use equipment you already have to get instant feedback - computer lab, ipods, ipads, or the students' personal technology.
The software can be accessed via the Socrative website or the Socrative student app.
Create assessments and see the results instantly. You can provide immediate feedback and adjust instruction.
Plus, it's free for teachers! http://www.socrative.com Take my Socrative sample quiz. Go to the student page,
http://www.m.socrative.com and type in the following room number:
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