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Tolman:Maps in Your Mind

AP Psychology Project Part 1

John Mathew

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Tolman:Maps in Your Mind

Edward C. Tolman's
Cognitive Mapping Tolman wanted to know if humans used mental
representations and cognitive maps to learn The Question Despite the think of his time he believed that internal cognitive process could be objectively and scientifically inferred from observable behavior Tolman found rats did have sense of cognitive mapping even when they weren't given a reward at the end Summary concluded that comprehensive maps of our social environment are advantageous to humans but strip like maps can lead to negative human conditions
to navigate our “God-given maze of life”, we must be calm and be well fed to build truly comprehensive maps of life opened the field of cognitive psychology
influenced the environmental psychology, which is the study of the relationship between human behavior and its environment
one form of criticism came from some scientists believing that there was no correlation in rat behavior and human behavior when it came to cognitive mapping Significance and Criticism opened the field of cognitive psychology
used to explain birds’ sense of navigation
We develop our own cognitive maps or websites and how to get to them Further Research/ Application I learned how we develop a sense of direction
how to make a more comprehensive cognitive map
the best circumstances to allow for a comprehensive cognitive map Learning
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