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the monroe way

brenden evans

Brenden Evans

on 17 October 2011

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Transcript of the monroe way

What Is The Monroe Way? Courtesy Extend a friendly greeting
Say somthing nice
make eye contact Listen and wait
Don't interrupt
Say "Excuse Me"
Wait your turn share thank you please Hold the door Respect Initiative Apperciation Cooperation Self-Discipline Commitment

Do WHAT you're supposed to do, WHEN you're supposed to do it, the WAY it is supposed to be done:
•Come prepared for class
•Complete work on time
•Meet deadlines
•Make up work when absent

prepared Here at Monroe Middle School, our objective is for students to be able to identify tasks they are responsible for at home and at school. A responsible student takes charge of himself or herself and accepts the consequences for his or her actions and words. Learning to accept responsibility for books, supplies, and homework get students off to a good start every week. Students need to understand that having an attitude of "that's just the way I am" does not demonstrate responsibility. Our students need to begin to understand that being responsible means accepting responsibility for ones' actions, words, or deeds.
During the month of March at Monroe Middle School, our objective is for students to be able to identify techniques for controlling anger, disciplining themselves, and doing the right thing. Students will begin to understand that proper diet and rest have an important role in self-discipline. By learning strategies for making positive choices and for controlling angry feelings, student behavior will improve both at school and at home. Self-discipline is important to success in extra-curricular activities that students are involved in such as music, sports, cheerleading, and clubs. A disciplined person is healthy in mind, body, and spirit.
Control actions which affect others:
•Keep hands to yourself
•Think before you act
•Following rules helps everyone, including yourself

Choose friends who also make positive choices.

When Angry, stop and think before you act.

Do something you may not enjoy or that may not be pleasant, in order to obtain a greater goal.
As our school year comes to an end here at Monroe Middle School, our objective is for students to put all the character traits that make up "The Monroe Way" (initiative, Responsibility, courtesy, cooperation, self-discipline, commitment, appreciation, honesty and respect) and understand how they relate to success. A successful person shows respect for and is appreciative of the people and environment surrounding them. A successful person is committed to working hard and doing what it takes to get the job done

This month help your son/daughter set realistic goals, help them develop steps to reach those goals. Celebrate past successes and accomplishments, identifying mistakes and learning from them. Finally celebrate your child's strengths, showing that you value who your child is and what he/she stands for. Remember, success is its own reward and motivates further successes.
During the month of October, here at Monroe Middle School, our objective is for students to learn the value of "committing"; themselves to achieving their goals and helping others. They should know that all great accomplishments require commitment, and that people who commit themselves to achieving a particular goal often learn to be patient with themselves and consistent in their plans to achieve those goals.
1. Demonstrate loyalty towards yourself and others:
•Keep your pledge to yourself and others

2. Set reasonable, achievable goals:
•Write down your goals
•Pursue your goals: "I am going to do this."
•Stick with your goal

3. Don't fear failure. Learn from your mistakes.
•Don't give up!
•Follow through!
•Hang in there!

4. Be determined. Don't be afraid to take a positive stand publicly
Here at Monroe Middle School, our objective is for students to recognize that it is up to them to take initiative for their education and success in life. They should be able to identify ways in which they can take initiative in having the kind of future they want. Learning how to take initiative will help foster self-esteem and self-respect. For example, the most famous inventors and thinkers of our time had to take initiative in order to succeed. Knowing this will give our students the courage to take initiative on their own projects. Taking initiative will help students appreciate their own personal power and how it helps accomplish one's personal goals
During the month of December, here at Monroe Middle School, our objective is for students to learn the value of "appreciation"; appreciating what you have and those that are part of your life. People who appreciate what they have are less likely to feel worthless or like the world owes them something. Students who are appreciative are better able to express their gratitude towards teachers, family members, and friends. Being appreciative also encourages an attitude of happiness and generosity, and these attitudes are contagious. Appreciation is closely related to a positive attitude, and as students develop one they will develop the other.
During the month of November, Monroe Middle School will be focusing in respect. It is our hope that students will be able to apply the concept of respect to people, places, and things, particularly in regards to our school, students, and staff. Learning respect will help students develop a positive rapport with parents, teachers, and friends. Respect for others will strengthen self-confidence by generating positive feedback. Respecting others, includes peers, will help reduce unkind words and "put-downs" among the students.
During the month of April, students will be able to recognize the importance of telling the truth and be able to identify situations in which they have a choice to be honest or dishonest. They will also be taught to recognize the consequences of being dishonest. Honest people are more trustworthy, dependable, and valuable as future employees. Learning to be honest encourages positive relationships. Students at Monroe Middle School need to realize that dishonesty has significant costs, both to them as individuals and to society as a whole During the month of May here at Monroe Middle School, our objective if for students to learn the value of cooperation. Students will learn fundamental tools for aiding groups dynamics and will work together on cooperative projects. The ability to work cooperatively is needed to develop family and job harmony. Cooperative projects encourage learning from one's peer group and develop appreciation for the contributions of others. Learning to compromise is an integral part of assuming adult responsibilities. It is extremely important that our students learn how to work together, value diversity, set common goals, and appreciate one another's strengths. As students learn how to work and live cooperatively, they develop skills that will be valuable in any work setting. Being able to cooperate , compromise and get along with others is essential in achieving success and happiness throughout life.
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