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No description

Rodrigo Doninguez Garcia

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of undertale

what is undrtale?
undrtale is a rpg game made inependently by toby fox
1st curiosity
toriel the goat that take care of you is anagram of tutorial because is the character that gives you the tutorial
2nd curiosity
in the genocide run when you kill papyrus if you have luck when you escape from undyne you can see papyrus i dont have a imeage so i will put the video were i found it
theres a theory that says that sans s a human this is because in the genocide run when you kill sans tht is a skeleton ,it BLEEDS , but we know that sans drink ketchup the blood could be the ketchup but we dont know
curious things of undertale
4rd curiosity
5th curiosity
there is a secret charachter called wd gaster that is the father of sans and papyrus
6th curiosity
there are two skeltons brothers that are called
sans and papyrus surplisly papyrus is big but dumb and sans is small but inteligent and powerfull
7th curiosity
the gaster blaster actually is a skull of a dog
8th curiosity
flowey was
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