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Bhangra- Cultural

No description

Avneet Chahal

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Bhangra- Cultural

Cultural Music Bhangra How it Started Where It Came From When Bhangra Started Why was Bhangra started Bhangra began as a harvest festival celebration.
After a while, it became part of more occasions like New Year Celebrations and many more. Bhangra came from Northwestern India and Northeastern Pakistan performed in a harvest festival "Baisakhi." Bhangra was started so Indians can celebrate their hardworking months on a harvest festival occasion. Now Bhangra is used in partys and new year celebrations and other special occasions Bhangra has existed since 300 BC. Since the last 40 years, it has experienced a lot of popularity. In the 14 or 15 hundreds, punjabi farmers danced and sang about the life in the village. Later on with time, everyone started to dance to Bhangra in New Year Celebrations, partys and many more. Bhangra Artists Listening Activity Purpose of this genre The purpose of this genre is so the farmers can celebrate the harvest festival for their hardworking months and is now used for parties and many more occasions. Song: Nach Baliye Theme Song
Artist: Various Artists
Instruments: Electric Guitar, Keyboard, drums, voice
Tempo: Slow-Fast, Running Pace
Rhythm: Steady Beat,
Message: Dance Around
Emotions: Move around, dance... Neeru Bajwa Surveen Chawla Japji Khaira Gurleen Chopra Nia Sharma Krystle D'Souza Hina Khan Ashlesha Savant
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