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Levi-Strauss violations

A presentation showcasing some of the not-so-great things Levi-Strauss has done.

Alex Behr

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of Levi-Strauss violations

Violations March 3, 2003: 26 of America’s biggest clothing retailers, including Levi Strauss, and 23 local manufacturers in Saipan, were sued as part of a class action lawsuit citing violations of wage and hour laws and other workers rights. The settlement creates a $20 million fund to pay back the workers in Saipan. Levi Strauss & Co was the only manufacturer that didn’t settle and accept responsibility for the sweatshop conditions in their factories. January 21, 2010: After conditions in one of their factories caused thousands of workers to contract silicosis, for which there is no cure, Levi refuses to accept responsibility and even refuses to be interviewed. March 29, 2011: The government found Levi Strauss guilty of wage violations including unpaid overtime and misclassification of workers. They had to pay $1 million in back wages to 596 workers. Duncan, Mick. "H&M & Levis Workers Contracting Silicosis in Turkish Sweatshop." NoSweat.org.uk. 21 Jan. 2010. Web. 6 May 2011. PDT. "Feds Cite Levi's For Wage Violations, Overtime Policy." KTVU.com. 29 Mar. 2011. Web. 6 May 2011. Narro, Victor. "USA: Levis Is Lone Hold Out in Saipan Suit." CorpWatch.org. 3 Mar. 2003. Web. 6 May 2011.
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