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Character through Curriculum

No description

Cayla Ho Ching-Fogavai

on 30 March 2013

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Transcript of Character through Curriculum

Character through
Curriculum VALUES Language Arts Lesson EDGR 502-Developing Character through Curriculum
Cayla L. Ho Ching-Fogavai
Concordia University Jacob Have I Loved By Katherine Paterson Students will work in pairs. Each pair will choose a different character and describe several situations from the characters perspective. (I will give you the situations later) Louise Grandma Hiram Wallace Call Caroline Characters VIRTUE Define values in your own words. How would you define these different values? What do these mean to you? Write your responses in your journals Respect Compassion
Responsibility Helpfulness
Honesty Courage
Fairness Cooperation
Tolerance Self-discipline
Empathy Take the 5 sticky notes given. Write a separate virtue on each. Place each sticky note on the poster in the front of the classroom. Work with your partner. *You may not duplicate any virtue on your partner’s sticky notes. vir·tue  (vûrchoo)n.
1. a. Moral excellence and righteousness; goodness.
b. An example or kind of moral excellence (A poster will be taped to the wall in the front of the classroom. The poster will have the heading “VIRTUES” on it but will be otherwise blank. Students will randomly place the sticky notes on the poster board.) SITUATIONS Louise helps her dad during crabbing season.

The town gathers to hear Caroline’s concert.

The stranger (Hiram Wallace) shows up in town.

Hiram moves in with the Bradshaw’s during the storm.

Louise moves away from Rass. Through their project, describe each situation from your character’s perspective. Let us know his or her thoughts, feelings, concerns and decisions as they relate to the provided situations. Video or live interview
Audio book
“Guest appearance” (dressed as your character)
Poster board
Picture book Each pair of students will complete and present a project in front of the class. The following is a list of potential mediums for their project: Project What value(s) did the character demonstrate?

How did he or she demonstrate that value?

Describe another way he or she could have responded.

How would you have dealt with this situation if you were that character?
Class Discussion In your journal:

Describe 2 or more virtues displayed by each character.
Identify a virtue that each character failed to display.
Explain why these virtues are important.
Describe a situation in which you could display these virtues. Reflection Journal My core values are patience, hard work, fortitude, respect and responsibility. It is a strength that I am able to empathize with the stories of my students and the challenges they face while helping them move forward in spite of the challenges. As a teacher it is my responsibility to help them define personal success and ensure that they have the skill, encouragement and resources needed to achieve this success. As a role model it is important that I help each one acknowledge the obstacles and learn to push past the obstacles or go around them. My goal as an educaor is to learn more about cooperative and alternative learning environments and help each student design a program that fits his or her learning style, learning goal and plan for his future. I hope that with the knowledge I've gained, I'll be able to share such important techniques and skills with my collegues to improve the quality of the education we impart on our students. Summary Statement References Lickona, T. (1991). Education for character: How our schools can teach respect and
responsibility. New York, NY: Bantam Books.

Paterson, K. (1990). Jacob have I loved. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishing.
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