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MBA Course: International Fashion Management

No description

Yingying Li

on 6 April 2014

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Transcript of MBA Course: International Fashion Management

Fashion Product Development
MBA Course: International Fashion Management
Module: M036LON - Fashion Design and Product Development
Module Leader: Alex Smith
Lead Teaching Fellow: Ella Sharp
Group 4 Members:

The part of the fashion cycle evident to the customer


As treating people fairly is central to our philosophy, you’ll find excellent customer service at Grace. You can buy with confidence as we have a long term satisfaction policy on our products, enabling you to return any faulty goods even after 28 days. What’s more, if you need something a little longer, shorter, slimmer or curvier, just send us an e-mail and we will do our best to match your requirements in our Derbyshire design studio. Welcome to Grace.

 "Our clothes are considered very carefully throughout the manufacturing process for their impact on the people in the production cycle and the impact on the environment. We have done our research in these areas. We are usingorganic and fair trade fabrics because they are points we refuse to compromise on, not because it’s the latest trend. One happy day design integrity will become mainstream"
Source : http://realgrace.co.uk/about/

The details include locally sourced Nottingham lace and water based eco friendly prints. The colour comes from a dyehouse seven miles away, not seven thousand.

Flouncy Lace Top


Our flouncy lace jersey top has exquisite lace for the frilly placket and cuffs. The body is slightly fitted with a flattering curved hemline. The local Nottingham lace manufacturer has made lace since 1845. This is fabulous for petites.
The  natural colour organic cotton with bamboo is super soft and drapes beautifully. The easy launder fabric is sourced responsibly and ethically.
If Grace products don’t live up to your expectations, you can make use of our long term satisfaction policy.

Sustainable Brand from Ecoluxe: Grace,

Ecoluxe Grace brand and sustainability values
Maxi dress
Price: £19.99

Long, sleeveless dress with a jersey top section, and skirt section in an airy weave. The dress has an elasticated seam at the waist, and high slits in the sides, and is lined with a short jersey skirt.
100% polyester. Machine wash at 30˚
Art.No. 63-6458

High Street brand: H& M

Niche brand : Ella Sharp

Lollipop red silk satin crepe dress with gold silk lurex chiffon facings both front and back. 
The drawstring detail on the back allows for the wearer to adjust the drape to their own taste. 
The fluid skirt really flows when you move especially in ochos and giros!  

Drawstring dress
Price: £225.00
Size: 10, 12, 14
Ecoluxe is sustainable

Water base ethical ink
70% of natural dyes
30% chemical treated

Polyester buttons to be replaced by seed buttons in future

20 weeks in dying

Silk golden lurex chiffon fabric (metalllic fabric)
Type: silk rulex
Material: 100% Polyester
Supply Type: In-Stock Items
Style: Plaid
Pattern: dyed chemical
Width: 44/45"
Technics: Woven
Feature: Tear-Resistant,
Supply and shipped within 2days

How does the other brand and sector compare? And to the Fashion Cycle? (CMT)

Source: http://about.hm.com/en/About/Sustainability/HMConscious/CEO-Message.html

“Our goal is for H&M to be at the forefront of sustainability. We work hard to always strengthen our customer offering. I think that adding sustainable value to our products is one of the keys to do so.” Karl-Johan Persson, CEO

skirt section in an airy weave
elasticated seam (elastic)
lined with jersey (knit textile made from cotton or a cotton and synthetic blend)

100% polyester.

H&M’s Product Policy

working extensively to make the clothing industry more sustainable.
Sustainability embraces the environment, ethics, human rights and anti-corruption, among other things.
Substantial efforts are made to promote social development and reduce environmental impact.
The aim is to create positive change in the communities in which H&M is active and to secure H&M’s sustainable development long term.

The H&M Conscious label comprises special collections in environmentally smarter materials such as recycled polyester, recycled wool and organic hemp, as well as collections from which a portion of the proceeds goes to social development projects. For example, part of the pro­ceeds from sales of the All for Children clothing collection goes to UNICEF’s

Sustainable Brand from Ecoluxe: Grace

Ella Sharp :woven

The H&M
End customer and the retail environments
Sustainable Brand from Ecoluxe: Grace
CUSTOMER : Grace make tops for real women in sizes ranging from 12 to 24.
customers have a strong sense of their own style, not an age bracket. 
Their pieces are versatile; enabling you to dress them up or down. Working women 30-45 yrs of age
Retail environments: online majorly and supplying to next, gap, super markets in future

Buying via the Blog

Retail environment: At the studio days in Newman Street, Tea Parties and Tango Events



Niche brand : Ella Sharp

Second Brands Retail environment

CUSTOMER : An elegant collection for Tango dancers

An overview of the critical path production process and timeline for each product.

Critical Path:

Flouncy Lace Top

Sustainable Brand from Ecoluxe: Grace,

£ 75

Critical Path:
First fit sample
Design and research: 18 months
Fabirc: 2 days
Trims: 1 to 2 days
Drawing: Self development
Pattern cutter: 9 + 4 hours
Production machinist: 6 hours
Grading: 5 sizes (4-5 hours)
2nd production sample : 4 to 5 days
Labels: 1 week
Shipping: 10 days
Lead time for overall: 10-14 days
depending on style

Liquid Gold Collection

Niche brand : Ella Sharp

Sustainable Brand from Ecoluxe: Grace,

Product development methods:

The key differences in the product development methods they use end timelines and sustainability values.

Sustainable issues:
Time is money
Minimal wastage

Product development methods:
Design and research: By the designer
Drawing developments: By the designer
Out sourcing: Fabrics , trims and linings
Fit samples: vary between 8 to 10
Expert Pattern cutting: out sourced and work in coordination with the designer
Expert Production machinist: out sourced and work in coordination with the designer
Expert Grading: outsourced
Overhead expenses : Designer’s investment

The key differences in the product development methods they use end timelines and sustainability values.

Product development methods:
Research Market: buyer group
Design: H&M design group
Drawing development: H&M drawing development group

Sustainable issues:

The key differences in the product development methods
they use end timelines and sustainability values.

H&M’s Product

Sustainable Brand from Ecoluxe: Grace

The ranges the chosen product is a part of for Grace

Red Jersey - back darts

Silk Satin Crepe Full Slip

The ranges the chosen product is a part of for that brand.

Niche brand : Ella Sharp


Liquid Gold Collection

Liquid Silver - the dress
and in size 12

The ranges the chosen product is a part of for that brand

Thank you
Coulour : white

Size : super slim 6-8
slim 10-12
curvy 14-16
very curvy 18-20
Price: £ 75

Jan 21, 2013 The flouncy lace top was sketched/designed.

(The sample fabric was already sourced from a UK stockist of sustainable fabric.)

Jan 28, lace for sample was ordered from local supplier (4 miles away).
Jan 30 lace delivered.

Range planning then continued.

Feb 18, 2013- toile/prototype made for flouncy style.

March 3,2013 - First sample fitted and photographed. (Photographs for website)

April 15, 2013 - Back neck labels and wash care labels ordered.
April 25, 2013 - Labels delivered.

8 weeks spent doing pre-production on the first range (wash tests, further fitting, wearer tials, internal sealing samples and pattern grading)
so that we were ready for production on this style by April 29th.

May 6, 2013- small stock quantity stitched and finished ready for online sales.

As this was a first range for a new business the critical path was affected by setting up the business.

We are continually looking for new sales opportunities and improved sustainability.

The fabric dye expert we spoke to is Phil Richards of Richtex Textile Consultancy http://www.richtex.co.uk/

Phil works in London 4 days per week but he is very knowledgeable about textile processing so it's worth sending him an e-mail if this is of interest.

Critical Path
H&M’s Products

List of References

It's need more time to make samples
Design colour and style maybe limited
High costs
Limited sale platforms (only online)
Machine make
Raw material
Size: 8,10, 12, 14
The first Ecoluxe London exhibition in Sep. 2010 with 13 labels
The second Ecoluxe London in Feb. 2011 with 26 labels
The third Ecoluxe London exhibition in Sep. 2011 and was the largest ever: 40 designers and 12 UK based manufacturers took part.
The fourth edition we aim to make the February 2012 exhibition the largest ever, as a number of non UK based labels have expressed interest to participate.
• A not-for-profit organisation
• Ecological and sustainable luxury fashion
• Work with charities, organisations, social enterprises, other non-profit entities

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