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Video Games Help Kids

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jesse brewer

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Video Games Help Kids

VIDEO GAMES HELP KIDS Did you know that
video games
you make decision easier video games
help eyesight What Video Games
Are Helpful Grand theft auto
and the call of duty
series What Are Video Games There are many different ways
video games help Video Games
relieve pain "The study showed that, when immersed in a virtual environment, participants who were undergoing serious procedures like chemotherapy reported 'significantly less stress and trepidation.'" (IGN) “The focus is drawn to the game not the pain or the medical procedure, while the virtual reality experience engages visual and other senses.” (IGN) “If you are driving at dusk with light fog it could make the difference between seeing the car in front of you or not seeing it,” “They require a person to monitor the whole field of vision, not just what is ahead of them. The player has to monitor everything, because the enemy could come from anywhere. Due to this they demonstrated an ability to amass the details needed to arrive at a correct decision faster than non-gamers.(IGN) "playing action video games trains people to make correct
disitions faster" it helps
you multitask!(IGN) IGN,
Jan 30 2013. Luke Reilly IGN they are helpful because they are fast
action games "An electronic game played by means of images on a video screen and often emphasizing fast action" (Merriam-Webster). Merriam-Webster,
http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/video%20game, Jan 30 2013. Bibliography “If you are driving at dusk with light fog it could make the difference between seeing the car in front of you or not seeing it,” study leader Daphne Bavelier (IGN) In 2007 the University of Rochester, New York, revealed a study that had found just 30 hours of “training” on a first-person shooter can result in a significant boost to one’s spatial resolution; that is, the ability to clearly see small, densely packed together objects. (IGN) THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!! Have your parents ever told you not to play so many games? Well now you can say "There's a bunch of positive stuff about Video Games Mom/Dad."
Watch this Prezi to find out more!!

By: Jesse Brewer
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