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Magda's Story

I worked with Magda for the story line, then drew the scenes and put everything together in what looks like a life path :-).

Paul Dumitru

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Magda's Story

Magda's story
the great year
1979 - 1990
The questions of my childhood...
- what is the Earth made of?
- where do we come from?
- towards what are we heading?
- why are we here?
I was a young passionate wannabe tennis player and decided by myself to enroll to Steaua Club. That's where I learned the fundemantals that I apply even today in my game.
1993 - 1997
Highschool in computer science
Then I left home.
And I got my first job.
The year I fell in love!
A new job
A week after I was hired, I got promoted as project manager.
These had been some tough times. I was managing multiple projects at the same time, being simultaneously a designer, coordinator, developer and tester.
Together with my team I was relocated to Frankfurt for 4 months, in order to start an outsourcing project in a multinational company. That's where I learned that results can be reached in a relaxed manner, too.
In an attempt to do things by the book, I realized that I didn't dream to be the best specialist, but to support people through their own development stages. That's how I hit the organizational wall and slipped on the path of discouragement.
at the end of
I was depressed. Something wasn't going well. Although I had everything I wanted - a relationship, a house, a car, a secure job - I wouldn't give a damn about my life. I forgot about tennis, didn't want to go to work, and didn't feel any will to do anything.
So I quit my job, although I didn't have a clue about what to do next.
Liviu Drăgan, founder of TotalSoft, trusted me and my ideas. I started as a freelancer and the company became my first client on organizational development and management.
The new context required new resources. I partnered with training company Accelera for an experiential leadership program, which I attended myself. I got a revelation about my limits and what great things I am capable of.
I strove to understand what I wanted in my career.
I attended the Fundamentals of coaching (by Alain Cardon), where I grew both professionally and personally. I realized that there's a whole world in myself, ready to be discovered.
I had the courage to do what I felt was right for me: becoming a coach.
I continued my training and practice and became Associate Certified Coach.
My internal changes, the new motivations and values, they all affected even the most intimate corners of my life and shook our marriage, leading to an end.
2009 - 2011
The curiosities of my childhood reappeared and I began the endeavor of finding the answers. I unleashed all my desires.
I attended many personal and spiritual development workshops, therapy, psychodrama, improvisation, tantra and tango. The materialistic side of life was left behind.
Yet, the death of my father brought me back with my feet on the ground.
I accepted myself as a whole.
I stopped focusing so much on the spiritual search, realizing I`d been neglecting my body and my day-to-day life. It`s clear now that I feel complete only when I pay full attention to the present moment.
I now realize that I have everything I need to be happy. I choose to do only what I like to; I own my time; I take responsibility for my actions and decisions; I love my friends and they love me; I accept my family just as it is; I don't want to change anyone anymore; I have the power to succeed. And I have faith.
I designed and implemented eCharisma web module and helped rewriting the whole product on the web platform. I dived in the HR principles and the theories of management.
The challenge to join CharismaHR department.
I was born
... remained unanswered.
My dad learned to build computers from parts. That's how I got to be passionate about programming.
Thrilling times: explorations, software programming, lots of sport, my first love, the first time I went to the sea with a group, made some of my best friends.
Academy of Economic Studies
1997 - 2002
I got disappointed by the level of computer science classes from the first years. So I switched my focus to other subjects, especially management. This has been a period of love and fun and lots of good friends.
After our return, the project continued for two years. Through trial and error, I made my first steps in management.
Founded my own company.
The year we divorced.
Exploration and introspection.
Each morning I decide to enjoy life, be happy and explore the challenges that will arise and those I create. I want to give forth the gifts I received
to others who need them.
I share my path with people I meet and grow along with them, whether they are clients, partners, collaborators or friends.
The future is now!
I`m curious: what is YOUR dream?
this visual story was crafted by
(Faculty of Cybernetics)
A new start.
After we`ve been living together for 7 years, and had the usual and funny challenges of every relationship, we decided to make the step.
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