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Cell Analogy Softball

No description

Lauren Arthur

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Cell Analogy Softball

Cell Analogy Nucleus Control center of all cell parts Mitochondrion Power of cell Cell Wall Protects the cell Cell Membrane Chloroplast Contains chlorophyll which
photosyntheis takes place Dugout- has water for team
to drink and refresh themselfs Ribosomes Invloved in protein production
to repair itself Golgi body Moves substances across cell to make the
cells covering Endoplasmic reticulum Stores proteins in packing
system Contains a water liquid
for the cell Lysosome Contains enzylmes that break
down harmful substances Softball Field
Plant cell By: Lauren Arthur Head coach- controls all
plays and positions Power room- controls the lights
and watering on the field Fence around field- protects the field and
gives it a shape Encloses the cell and regulates
substances Foul line- encloses the field
and regulates plays Consesion stands- provides food
for people/ fans Field maintance- repairs the
field between games Hot dogs from concession stands- because
they have protein in them Fans- eat the protein given
from conssestion stands Vacuole Umpires(blues)- break down
plays to decided outs or safe
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