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Kelly Morton

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Foundation of Experience
Encourage Teamwork
People Inspired

Completed IMS Training
Developed Compensation Plans for 3 Sales Forces
Analyzed data to report trends and develop business strategies
Social Networking tool to encourage interactions amongst teams
Kelly Morton, MBA
Leadership Examples

Proven Track record of success selling injectable:
2005 - $236,358
2010 - $2,544,183
Closed Rothman Institute
GLP Award for Field Marketing Associate efforts
Manager, Oncology Sales
Learning and Development
Launch lead.
Collaborate with Business Partners to execute leadership imperatives
Successfully trained Oncology specialists on 5 products without prior in-depth disease knowledge
Earn respect and trust.
This includes becoming a product expert immediately.
Discover what drives each individual.
Heart, mind, money, or recognition.
Be an advocate.
People work harder when they know you will go above and beyond for them.
Open and honest communication.
Give and receive feedback and empower people with information.
Hold people accountable.
High standards are non-negotiable and required.
Strength Finder.
Leverage strengths while giving tools for developing areas of opportunities.
Connect people.
Develop teamwork, encourage partnering and best practice sharing.
1 result found...
What are you searching for?
Speed to Impact
First 30 Days - Form Solid Relationships with Key Stakeholders
MBA with a concentration in Management
Device -
National Field Sales Trainer, including hospital and office-based Sales Specialists
Field Marketing Associate for Nationwide PGA TOUR Sponsorship, received GLP Award
Oncology Launch Lead
Coached Sales Specialists during in-house training and Field Visit, including Field Coaching Reports. Trained on developing written formal feedback.
United Way Committee Member, received GLP Award
coached specialists during Field Visits, including formal Field Coaching Reports
CMF Launches, Drug-Device combination development, Credo Action Committee
Senior Medical Device Sales
Rep & Field Sales Trainer
Business Analyst
Management Philosophy
Product Director
Spearheaded marketing initiatives for CMF Biomaterials products
Launch lead for 2 products
Marketing lead for drug-device combination product
Partner with internal and external stakeholders
Credo Action Committee
Sales Specialists - Cardiology, Institutional, Account Specialists
Business Partners - Retail, Contract Sales, Diabetes Solutions, Bayer, DePuy Synthes Mitek, SCG, etc.
Key Customers in large group practices and hospital systems
Set expectations and determine priority list
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