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Bio-Geochemical Cycles

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Jassmyn McQuillen

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Bio-Geochemical Cycles

How to play
First you will split up into groups. When we start the game team one will go first. The goal of the game is to be the team with the most points by the time we get to the finish line

and to actually make it to the finish line. Each part of the path will have a question. If a team does not get the answer correct then the next team will have a chance to steal. Therefore while the other team is trying to answer the question the other groups should be paying attention and trying to come up with an answer just in case. Each question is worth 100 points and if you get it wrong then 100pts will be taken away. In this game there will be 3 rounds of questions and round 2 will countain two free point squares. The rounds are not based on difficulty but give you a chance to win more points. After each round the points you win will increase by 50pt.s The team who gets to the finish line first will earn 1,000pts then the team that has the most points overall will win the game. Now that you know the rules, lets begin.
Bio-Geochemical Cycles
What are bio-geochemical cycles?
Any of the various chemical circuits occurring in an ecosystem, involving both biotic and abiotic components of the ecosystem.
What must happen for a bio-geochemical cycle to function properly?
Matter must be recycled continually
What does bio mean in bio-geochemical cycles?
Bio means life
What does geo mean in bio-geochemical cycle?
Geo means Earth
Snow, hail, and ran are forms of what?
What is it called when plants release water vapor into the air in the water cycle?
What is photosynthesis?
The process by which plants use light energy to make sugars and other organic food molecules from carbon dioxide and water
This is the processes whereby certain organisms obtain energy from organic molecules.
Cellular Respiration
True or False? Animals can uptake nitrogen directly from the air?
What do animals have to eat to get their nitrogen?
Plants and Animals
What does a chemical's specific route through an ecosystem vary with?
It varies with the particular element and trophic structure of the ecosystem.
What is the main reservoir for chemicals that are not very mobile and thus cycle almost entirely locally?
Define commensurate and draw a picture that represents it
The Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Water Cycle
What are three major processes, in the water cycle, that are driven by solar energy and continuously move water between the land, the oceans, and the atmosphere?
Precipitations, Evaporation, and Transpiration from plants.
Why does the water cycle have a global character?
There is a large reservoir of water in the atmosphere.
What is a major ingredient of all organic molecules?
Hurray!!! You Have Made It Past Round 1. Now the questions are worth 150pts.
Define consumer.
An organism that obtains food by eating plants or by eating animals that have eaten plants.
What are the two main categories that carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and water cycles can be classified into based on how mobile the chemicals are within environments?
Local and Global
What is mainly responsible for the cycling of carbon between the biotic and abiotic world?
The reciprocal metabolic processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration.
What is a key element in all ecosystems?
Define nitrogen fixation.
It is the conversion of atmospheric nitrogen to nitrogen compounds that plants can absorb and use.
Define phosphorylation.
It is the transfer of a phosphate group, usually from ATP, to a molecule.
Round 2! Its almost over promise. And now the questions are worth 200pts
What would happen to the carbon cycle if all the detritivores suddenly "went on strike" and stopped working?
Carbon would accumulate in organic mass, the atmospheric reservoir of carbon would decline, plants would eventually be starved for CO2, and photosynthesis would cease.
After absorbing the dissolved phosphate ions in the soil what do the plants build them into?
Organic Compounds
What is the carbon cycle's main abiotic reservoir?
The atmosphere
Define abiotic reservoir.
The part of an ecosystem where a chemical accumulates or is stockpiled outside of living organisms
How does energy flow differ from chemical cycling?
Energy flow enters and leaves an ecosystem, chemical cycling recycles chemicals within the ecosystem.
Define Detritivore.
An organism that derives its energy from organic wastes and dead organisms.
What is another name for detritivores?
Define amino acids.
An organic molecule
What do amino acids contain?
They contain a carboxyl group and an amino group
What do amino acids serve as?
They serve as the monomer of proteins
FREE SPACE!!! That's right you don't have to answer a question however you only get 50pts enjoy!
What do some chemical elements require before they are available to plants as inorganic nutrients?
Processing by certain microorganisms
What can a portion of chemical cycling bypass?
The biotic components
Over the short term, why does phosphorus cycling tend to be more localized than carbon nitrogen, or water cycling?
Because phosphorus is cycled almost entirely within the soil rather than being transferred over long distances via atmosphere.
What cycle contains cellular respiration?
The Carbon Cycle
What cycle is condensation a part of?
The water cycle
Why is nitrogen essential to life?
It is necessary for the production of proteins
How do denitrifying bacteria complete the nitrogen cycle?
What is cellular respiration the storage of?
It is the storage of potential energy.
FREE SPACE!!! That's right you don't have to answer a question however you only get 50pts enjoy!
How is carbon dioxide made by producers and consumers?
It is made through cellular respiration
What can cells use the storage of potential energy for?
Cells can use it to perform work
What cycle(s) would go in the category of local?
Phosphorus Cycle
Define producer.
An organism that makes organic food molecules from carbon dioxide and water, and other inorganic raw materials.
What cycle(s) would go in the category of global?
Carbon, nitrogen, and water cycles
Round 3!! The last round of the game next thing you know it will be over!
Created By: Jassmyn McQuillen and Breanna Johnson
Name four examples of bio-geochemical cycles.
They convert soil nitrate into atmospheric nitrogen
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