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No description

Amanda Nappi

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of fab'rik

fab'rik “Go shopping that day, and still have money to go out that night” “get all the latest fashions without breaking the budget” Store's audience
Women ages 12-45 Our target audience:
Women ages 18-22
(College students) Goal
To increase awareness about the store’s new location in Chapel Hill and the brand itself, and generate buzz Tactics Website YouTube Flickr Text campaign Future plan Opened in late February in the East 54 development Created Facebook account Uploaded pictures of new Spring clothes Posted articles about fab'rik and style in general Gained 190 fans over a few weeks Started a "Featured Fan" contest where customers can submit photos of themselves in their favorite fab'rik outfit for a chance to win a $100 gift card Ran promotion where the first 100 Facebook fans received a 20% discount Established Twitter account Gathered 67 followers Posted tweets regularly Personalize Facebook page with applications Establish local website with an interactive blog, RSS feeds, and links to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Flickr Implement text campaign Continue featured fan contest on Facebook and Twitter Build YouTube presence with more videos and subscribers to channel Start "Featured Fan" video contest Facebook
Twitter Obstacles People were confused about the brand itself-thought it was an actual fabric store No social media for the Chapel Hill store at all Just opened-new shopping center with only four other stores open Franchise – had to deal with a national brand, but tried to distinguish as a local business Short time frame to implement a social media campaign from scratch Really specific niche market Clothing the brand with social media Established store's first Flickr account Uploaded promotional photos
In honor of Independence day, receive 15% off our red, white & blue
Come out for our first wind down on Wednesday. Free wine & snacks and 15%
off after 5 pm. FIRST DAY OF SUMMER
Summer is officially here Shorts and sandals 20% off now through Saturday.
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