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Child Sexual Abuse Presentation

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cristina citizen

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Child Sexual Abuse Presentation

by Cristina Citizen Child Sexual Abuse Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) is a very difficult form of abuse because of the layers of guilt and shame that it has.
CSA doesn't always involve body contact. It can also be be exposing the child to sexual materials or sexual situations.
Usually CSA occurs in the hands of a person that
the child knows. Most of time relatives are the
ones who commit CSA. Warning Signs of CSA What is Child Sexual Abuse? Types of Child Sexual Abuse 1.) Child pornography
2.) Trafficking for sexual purposes.
3.) Abuse by a relative or a known person.
4.) Abuse at an institution. (Like a church, school, and etc.)
5.) Commercial Sexual Exploitation. (CSE) Statistics 1.) Girls are sexually abused 3x more than boys.
2.) Boys have a greater risk of having serious injuries and emotional neglect than girls.
3.) Children of all economic backgrounds, cultures, races, and ages can be exposed to CSA.
4.) CSA usually occurs in suburban, urban, and rural areas.
5.) 20% of adult females and 5-10% of adult males in the U.S. recall being sexually abused in their childhood.
6.) 800,000 times a year child sexual abuse reports in the U.S. have been reported.
Bed wetting or thumb-sucking if a child is at a young age.
Eating problems
Sleeping disturbances
Anger Preventing from CSA Short- Term Effects of
Child Sexual Abuse Long- Term Effects of Child
Sexual Abuse http://www.joyfulheartfoundation.org/
http://www.americacry.org/ Bibliography Anxiety
Depression Eating disorders Trouble staying in relationships. Self-loathing Performance or behavior problems at school.
Guilt Fear Betrayal Low self esteem Self destructive behavior( like suicide, drug abuse, and alcohol abuse.)
"Damage goods" syndrome (negative body appearance from self blame.)
Panic attacks and/or flashbacks.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. To prevent from child sexual abuse parents or guardians should tell their children to not talk to strangers and teach them basic sex education. Also, to instruct them to not get into people's car without your permission. Have strong communication skills with your children and teach your children that their bodies are their owns. Plus, get to know your child's friends and their families. Recovering from CSA To recover from child sexual abuse parents and guardians should take their children to therapy or support services. Supporting and caring for your child will help them build their self esteem and/or spirituality. Be there for your child. They can recover for this. Trouble sitting or walking.
Shows interest or knowledge in sexual acts that are inappropriate for his or her age. Also, showing seductive behavior.
Avoids a specific person with strong efforts.
Has an STD or is pregnant under the age of 14.
Doesn't want to dress in front of people or join any physical activities.
Runs away fom home.
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