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What is a Healthy Body Image?

healthy body image and changing perception of beauty

Melinda Titley

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of What is a Healthy Body Image?

What is a HEALTHY body image? A person with a healthy body image: accepts the fact that healthy bodies come in different shapes and sizes can appreciate his or her own "strengths" and "areas for improvement relaxes and enjoys the uniqueness that he/she has to offer is critical of messages that stress an "ideal" body shape or
the "ideal" image Historical Perceptions of Beauty 1890s - Women were plump and voluptuous (models were an average of 5'4" and weighed 140lbs) 1990s - Women wore corsets and wanted an hour glass figure. The "Gibson Girl" look was popular. 1920s - Flat chested, slim hipped,
empasis on cosmetically decorated faces 1930s and 40s - Full bodies, emphasis on legs 1950s - Voluptous and curvaceous 1960s - Thin, non curvaceous (Twiggy look) 1970s - Tall, slim, with some curves
(models were on average 5'8" and weighed 118lbs) 1980s - Jane Fonda brings in fitness craze and liposuction becomes a trend 1990s - Average model weighs 23% less than
the average women (11 million suffer from
eating disorders in North America) Devised in Australia in 1899, Bile Beans became a brand leader in the UK during the 1930s and were still on sale until the mid-1980s. The product consisted of a variety of medicines formulated into a pill that claimed to promote good health.
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