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Premiere Event Scam and Ripoff Report

Our customers often have to deal with erroneous information that is posted by others online. We address some of those items in this presentation.

Premiere Event

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of Premiere Event Scam and Ripoff Report

What isn't Premiere Event
Premiere Event has taken place at Walt Disney World for many years. However, this doesn't mean we are affiliated with Disney. We are separate from them. Also, we are not a talent agency, nor do we guarantee employment.
Is Premiere Event a scam?
No. We provide a valuable service for a fee. Your child has the opportunity to showcase their talent in front of a large number of industry professionals and celebrities in a safe environment. We attempt to be as transparent as possible with the services offered by us when you accept and invitation to Premiere Event.
What takes place during an interview weekend?
Every child must attend an interview weekend before being invited to attend Premiere Event.

On Saturday, 100-200 families are seen every few hours. Each participant will have a one-on-one interview. Family's will be given a booklet if they have passed the first evaluation. Not every child is accepted to Premiere

On Sunday and Monday, participants should email us to receive results. If chosen, the child will come back to be evaluated further, and possibly offered enrollment to the event held at Walt Disney World.
Premiere Event Scam and Ripoff Report Concerns
What is Premiere Event
Premiere Event provides an opportunity for actors, models, dancers and singers from ages 5-18 to showcase their talent to professional in the entertainment industry. We provide valuable interviewing experience, a chance to meet celebrities and connections to industry professionals.
Why do some people say Premiere Event is a scam?
Some people believe Premiere Event is a scam because of a misunderstanding of the services we provide, and also don't understand why there is a fee to attend. This should be looked at as any other extra-curricular activity for your child to enhance self esteem, self confidence and social skills.
Questions & Concerns
We know you have questions about the process. We have outlined some of the most common questions we receive. However, don't hesitate to contact us with other questions you may have.
Email: webmaster@premiereevent.com
Twitter: @premierebird
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PremiereEvent
How long will this process take? I thought it was an appointment.
I heard you should never pay for an agent.
How many children are selected?
What happens between now and the Premiere Event at Walt Disney World?
What takes place after Premiere?
What is the rate of success for children who attend Premiere Event?
Is it a problem if my child has never had any training?
How will my child benefit from attending Premiere Event?
Is everyone accepted by Premiere Event?
Do I have to pay upfront?
Why Should I have to pay to attend Premiere Event?
The process will take anywhere from one to two hours. This is the time used for the one-on-one interview.
You are absolutely right. We are not an agency. We invite agents, managers, casting directors, labels and celebrities to Premiere Event, to allow participant to showcase for them.
There is no set number, but typically, we work with 30 to 40 children each week. These children will join approximately 600 to 800 participants from all over the world at Premiere Event held at Walt Disney World.
When you are invited to attend Premiere Event, you will be assigned at talent relations rep to help with preparations.
We keep strong relationships with our families that have attended. We provide advice and guidance for opportunities your receive. We love to follow your success.
From the results of our past 10 events, approximately 60% of participants have receive callbacks from industry professionals.
While training can help, it is not a requirement to break into the business. The success of reality television has changed what professionals look for. Confidence paired with a unique personality and skills are the most important factors.
Aside from the potential of receiving a job, participants will benefit from performing in front of industry professionals at Premiere Event. The child will experience the reality of the entertainment and fashion industries from inside and out. They will also develop stronger interviewing skills and build confidence.
No. We are searching individuals with strong talent and dependability who are interest in the industry. The participants we choose to showcase to industry professionals are a representation of our ability to find talent. We have a reputation of presenting the most talented young performers.
While payment options are available, paying upfront can save you hundreds of dollars in finance charges. The choice is up to you to decide how you want to manage your finances.
We provide our children the ability to participate in extra-curricular activities so they can learn new skills and gain confidence while doing something they enjoy, as parents. Children who are interested in the entertainment industry and provided with the tools and contacts necessary to attain their goals in a fun and safe setting with Premiere Event.
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