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Learning new ways to learn

This proyect is a visual approach to the new ways to learn. Based on Learning to Learn course from Dra. Barbara Oakley

Ivan Eduardo Llanos Bustos

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Learning new ways to learn

Do relations
Learn through something that you could relate and make associations
Concentrate vs Relax
Focus on problems little time (Focus Mode)
Chunking Chunking Chunking
Learning like building little legos(chunking) make an easy way to learn a big picture.
Relax to learn!
Diffuse mode ON
Learn lenguages with other people
Practice new things for you
I'm bad dancing...but I try
Don't be afraid of learn
Work in groups and exchange knowdlegment
Not focus on product
Learning new ways to learn
Relax or sleep until you brain find a solution
(Diffuse mode)
we can get things that we don't know that we can build!!
New ways of thinking New concepts!!
Learning while sleeping??? Oh yeah!!!
Repair your brain
Reforce and make new connections
Generate new things
Remarking connections
Learning (without know)
Reduce Stress
Create relations of learning with something that give pleasure
Reduce brain overcharge
Use photos or memories to remember
Use parables or metaphor to understand
Make models with plastiline
Don't over charge repeating
Focus on the process step by step
Learn multiples things
Use your habilities and something new
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