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the MakerSpace platform explained

An explanation of the MakerSpace platform for makers and makerspaces

Danelle Steyn

on 2 July 2015

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Transcript of the MakerSpace platform explained

The Space
The Manufacturing Centre
Examples of Classes
Light Making
the MakerSpace Goals
5 Makerspace established locations by the end 0f 2015

100 Members per location

New Businesses starting all over South Africa through The Makerspace

Creating job opportunities and training facilities, opening doors for people to MAKE a future for themselves

Introducing Making as a school subject for young creatives
Welcome to
theMakerSpace (beta)
What the platform is about?
The MakerSpace is a platform for makers by makers. We empower people by inspiring, teaching, learning and sharing. We partner with other's who also want to empower makers in Africa. Our platform supports and connects makers and local "maker spaces" providing a creative playground equipped with the tools that help lower the barriers to entry for people to express their creativity in a physical way.
In short...
It is about people getting together, working creatively,
each other,
new skills,
their experience and resources,
each other how to build, make and share.
the Maker
Makers find value in making something themselves rather than buying something off the shelf. They give a physical product more value because of the thoughtful, careful and useful way they design it and make it. Makers are not aiming for mass market for their product, they are simply expressing something they love, and sharing that love with anyone else that they can.

Makers Openly share resources, expertise, equipment and encouragement because they choose to believe that we can do more together than we can apart. Maker's like the idea of a “bottom-up economy”, where products are developed by the people who use them, not from the corporate headquarters of multinational companies.

The heart of a Maker is to do good, and improve the world around them, and prefer to share designs rather than hide them.
Shared Workspace
Co-working space where people can learn

Provide access to equipment like 3D printers, lasercutters & CNC routers

Attract the most influential creatives

Commercial members area

Provide access to a network of makerspaces and equipment.

Visually attractive, high tech feel
3D printing

Ardiuno & Rasberry Pi

Autonomous Quadracopters

PCB Manufacture

Pick & Place Machines
Textile Area
Large format printing

Vinyl cutting

Sewing & leatherwork
Wood Work Centre
Laser cutting 150W

CNC Router

CNC Lathe
Machining Metals
Laser cutting 3kw

5axis CNC Milling

Robotic welding

Inspire, learn, share, teach
Leather Craft
Introduction to 3D Printing
Clock Making
Laser etching Boards
Intro to electronics
Current Makerspace Locations
CNC Furniture
Port Elizabeth
Hout Bay
The Foundry Makerspace
Associates/Friends of
The MakerSpace

Maker Library Network
Become a part of the platform
Greendoor, Glenwood

Unlock the latent human creative potential for the good of people.
Build a network of makerspaces that provide access to technology and techniques to make anything
The Foundry Durban
House4Hack, Centurion
Trobok toys
Business Model
The MakerSpace Platform provides:
Online Collaboration Platform
Events bookings
Membership account management & communication
E-commerce member vendor stores
Online marketing
Integrated machine access control
Social Media marketing
Graphic design and visual experience management
Public relations and press releases
Online training platform
Training programs
Tried and tested Course curriculum's
Commercial Design & Laser Cutting
Membership fees
Ticket Sales
Corporate Team Building
Public classes
Premium web content
Skills development funds from Gov
Enterprise development funds from Corporate
Private School Satellite makerspaces
After school programs
Usage fees
Equipment rental
Material supply
Private instructor
Member generated content sales
Online marketing platform
Public speaking
Product Sales
reach out:
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